FLO Live at The Opera House

The newest girl group of this generation made its first-ever Toronto appearance at The Opera House.

FLO is a British R&B girl group comprised of Stella Quaresma, Jorja Douglas and Renee Downer. The group was formed in 2019, creating a buzz in social media with their song Cardboard Box and becoming the first female group to top the BBC’s Annual Sound of… (poll of music critics and industry figures to find the most promising new music talent). Their style is drawn from TLC, Destiny’s Child, and Spice Girls.  

The show was started by Samaria, an R&B artist representing the Bay area. A natural performer, she quickly captured everyone’s attention as her setlist moved through honest topics about love and heartbreak. She engaged the crowd with her commanding presence, getting up close to the front row and performing a song while sitting on the edge of the stage. For an opening set, it flowed smoothly without feeling rushed. The accompanying band gave her ample time to talk in between songs. She could not help but praise the audience for vibing with her, as she was able to set the tone for FLO. 

During the transition, the DJ maintained excitement with throwback R&B tracks to which the crowd sang along. The lights eventually dimmed and the backlight lit up the backdrop with the FLO text in what seemed to be a metallic Y2K font. Toronto fans went wild as the trio slowly made their way to the stage in cohesive blue jumpsuits kicking off their set with the track Not My Job. They showcased their great chemistry from the beginning, not only with their harmonization but also with their awareness of their stage placement. They would dance, sway around the stage and do Charlie’s Angel-esque poses during their performance. Midway through the set, they performed a couple of unreleased songs and a cover of Superstar by Jamelia, which the trio shared to be one of their favourite songs growing up. The group followed up with Fly Girl, their latest single featuring Missy Elliott, released in March of this year and closed it off by performing their debut single, Cardboard Box. To no surprise, everyone in attendance knew the song word for word. Overall, it was a memorable performance. Having witnessed their potential, the next time they return, it will be for their debut album at a bigger venue.  

The tour heads to New York and Chicago and makes its final stop in Los Angeles before they begin their scheduled festival appearances in North America and the United Kingdom. 

FLO Concert Setlist at The Opera House, Toronto on April 18, 2023 | setlist.fm 

  1. Not My Job 
  2. Immature 
  3. Another Guy 
  4. Feature Me 
  5. Control Freak(Unreleased) 
  6. Summertime 
  7. Change(Unreleased) 
  8. Losing You 
  9. Superstar(Jamelia cover) 
  10. Fly Girl 
  11. Cardboard Box 


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