Essential Items Every Man’s Wardrobe Needs

There are many options available when selecting a wardrobe, from pine and solid oak to incredibly charming vintage designs. However, when selecting the essential items that should be inside every gentleman’s wardrobe, things tend to get a bit more tricky. While some items we can compromise on, these items are absolutely necessary. This style guide lists the most essential items you should have to keep you feeling and looking your best.


A Good Pair Of Quality Jeans 

There’s no denying that every man needs a good pair of quality jeans. As this essential item is incredibly versatile, it is understandable that every wardrobe should contain at least one well-fitted pair of blue denim, if not more.

I’d say if you’re going to buy one pair, go for a medium wash, but, if you can, try to get three different washes, one light, one medium and one dark or black, then no matter the look, you’ll be able to find jeans to match.


Plain T-Shirts

You probably won’t have much to wear when the weekend rolls around if you have not yet invested in plain t-shirts. While a large variety of printed tops are available, you shouldn’t compromise on owning a plain white t-shirt and a plain grey t-shirt. As staple items in every man’s wardrobe, you could also consider purchasing a few varying shades of black.

I’m all about having a wide selection of non-branded, plain colour t-shirts, from grey to black, blue to green, in an array of shades. If you can, and I suggest you do the same.


A Smart White Shirt

When purchasing shirts, it is essential to keep in mind that a great fit is as important as owning the item. Men’s shirts can be plain or boast bold prints, and even though you can compromise on dress shirts, you should own at least one crisp white dress shirt. This item is almost as versatile as blue jeans as you can pair a white shirt with practically any pants, from chinos to denim jeans, from more casual to super formal.


Workwear Essentials

Every man should own at least one suit, and while navy or grey are excellent choices, opting for a single-breasted suit is recommended. Even if your workplace encourages a business casual dress code, not only will you be able to mix and match your suit pants or blazer with more casual style items but being invited to an event that calls for formal wear is inevitable. In addition to a smart suit, you should also invest in a charming pair of black lace-up shoes. A suit typically can’t always be paired with trainers or loafers, so a timeless pair of dress shoes is essential.


Smart-Casual Chinos

Beyond versatility, chinos are also undeniably comfortable. Chinos are widely considered a chameleon of dress code rules as they can be worn with a smart shirt and a blazer or dressed down with a casual shirt. Regardless, owning one pair, if not a few, in verifying shades is essential for every man, regardless of your profession.


A Pair Of Classic Brown Brogues

Brown brogues are a gentleman’s classic style item, and you really cannot go wrong by keeping a pair in your wardrobe. As these shoes can last quite a few years if you take care of them, it would be wise to invest in a quality pair that will only improve with age.


Cashmere Jumper/Sweater

A quality cashmere jumper (a sweater) is a classic and trendy menswear item that will never go out of style. While this item will prove quite handy during the winter and even for the occasional summer evening, a navy jumper would be the most appropriate colour choice to allow optimal versatility.


So, hopefully, this guide helps you round out your wardrobe, so you’re covered for every occasion, situation and adventure.

Mark Munroe is the Creator and EIC of ADDICTED. He's ADDICTED to great travel, amazing food, better grooming & probably a whole lot more!