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Men’s fashion tends to have a bad reputation when it comes to creativity. Many men and women think that men’s fashion is limited to shorts, pants, shoes, and socks, but it’s much more than that if you’re able to hone your style and elevate your look with the right accessories. And no, we’re not just talking about men’s jewellery… there are tons of other options to refine your style while still showing off your masculinity.


Matching socks

Yes, it really is as simple as having the right socks to complete your outfit. Not only do socks allow you to show off your personal style, but they also make you look more put together and professional for times you really need to flex your fashion game.

Whether you’re just lounging around the house or going out for drinks with friends, a pair of basketball socks are definitely fit for the occasion. You can wear a neutral-coloured pair (like black or white) to pull off a more subdued look or show off some personality by wearing some socks with a pattern.

Unless you’re going for a more eccentric look for a music festival or other event, stick to sock colours and patterns that complement the colours already within your closet.


High-quality sunglasses

A great pair of sunglasses can take any outfit from zero to sixty. Yeah, the cheap plastic ones you got at a college party might suffice for beach days—but if you’re out to impress, you’ll want to pick up something else with a little more polish and UV protection.

Once you find the right pair of shades, you really don’t need to keep too many alternatives, so long as you take good care of your primary pair.

Not sure how to pick the right pair of shades? Here’s what you should look for:

  • You should always strive for sunglasses with a sun protection rating of UV400 or higher.
  • If your face shape is round, stay away from round glasses.
  • If your face is square, opt for glasses with rounded edges rather than sharp angles.
  • Overall, make sure whichever pair of glasses you buy fits your face’s proportions naturally.


Seasonal headwear

If your look is coming off as less-than-inspirational, a hat could be all you need to show off your sense of individuality. Just be sure that your hat matches with the seasons.

  • A baseball cap is a safe bet for all seasons and could be just the accessory you need to show off your sense of humour, your favourite sports team, or your eye for design.
  • Some might say a beanie can transcend throughout the seasons, but if you want to be comfortable and fashionable, we’d have to disagree. But come fall and winter, beanies should be your go-to as far as headwear’s concerned.
  • If you’d consider your style unique as is, a wide-brim hat may be all you need to take your aesthetic to the next level.


A sleek backpack

The days of giant Jansport backpacks are long behind us, guys. No, you don’t have to ditch the backpack for a briefcase, but you should definitely take a look at some sleeker options. Messenger bags are a great option because they’re big enough to carry all of your essentials and more, but they don’t have all of the extra stitching and zippers to distract.

If you commute on a bike or by public transit, a dependable backpack will be the key to complete your everyday look.


A watch

Watches may be one of the few accessories we have to choose from, but they’re worth mentioning here because there’s more to selecting a watch than ordering the first one you see online. Ultimately, you’ll want your watch to fit naturally into your personal style as much as possible, but you may need to have one or even a few options to choose from depending on the type of event you’re going to. For most men, a casual sport watch and a sophisticated gold or silver watch would be sufficient.



Men’s fashion doesn’t have to be bland. Use these tips to find a few accessories that suit you, and watch your style take a 360. If you still need some ideas, check out these great leather accessories, bags, and customized jewelry by Stephen David Leonard.





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