Declan McKenna at The Danforth Music Hall

Declan McKenna ‘s North American The Big Return tour brought him to the Danforth Music Hall on July 11th for a sold-out show.

The night began with opening performance by Hawaiian singer/songwriter Eli Smart, who joins McKenna on the second leg of the tour. The audience gave Smart a warm welcome. However, the cheers rose highest as Declan McKenna walked onto the stage. The singer opened the set with his new single, Sympathy, released this past June, and the evening kept going with Why Do You Feel So Down and  Listen to Friends from his first album. The set closed with the singer’s most famous track to date, Brazil, Declan’s number-one song on Spotify, with more than 4 million streamings. The show ended with an encore covering  All Things Must Pass by George Harrison. The Londoner singer kicked off the night by jumping back and forth from the piano to the guitar while dancing with an electrifying stage presence that brought up the crowd’s energy and let them go at the end with a satisfying feeling.


Words and photos by Laura Agudelo

Aron Harris
Aron Harris is ADDICTED Magazine's music editor as well as a contributor. As a graphic designer, writer and photographer, you can find his work all over ADDICTED. He also geeks out over watches, pizza, bass guitars and the Grateful Dead.