Days of Giving – The Mighty Patch from Hero Cosmetics

Happy Holidays and welcome back to the DAYS OF GIVING!  Today we are giving away a prize pack from Hero Cosmetics featuring The Mighty Patch!

The Hero Mighty Patch is an award-winning hydrocolloid patch that helps calm pimples in 6-8 hours, reducing redness and swelling and pulling out “gunk” while shielding skin to help support a healing environment.

Hero Cosmetics and its hero product the Mighty Patch began in 2017, “when I had yet another pimple emergency” said founder Ju Rhyu.  “But my sensitive skin had reached a breaking point with the harsh acids of the world. So I went looking, and found my issue wasn’t just my issue – a lot of people felt just the same. Why wasn’t there a solution that worked with the skin, not against it? The stripping, the purging, the resurfacing, the ‘wait two weeks’ before the redness goes away. There had to be a better alternative.” Rhyu discovered a gentle hydrocolloid patch in South Korea, that works with the skin to minimize pimples without stripping or agitating them.  And so Mighty Patch was born.

Mighty Patch is made of medical-grade hydrocolloid and is formulated without parabens or sulfates.  The patch comes in multiple formats, including the surface for larger areas, the Nose for, well, our noses, and the Mighty Patch Invisible for an undercover solution.  And of course, the original Mighty Patch that started it all.

For helping keep faces pimple free as gently and safely as possible, we thought the Mighty Patch was a perfect product to be gifted as part of our Days of Giving.  Enter below for your chance to win a prize pack of Mighty Patches from Hero Cosmetics.

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Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly