Days of Giving – Say yes to glowing skin with Si Medi Spa

This week continues with skincare celebrations.  For today’s Days of Giving, we’re saying YES to Si Medi Spa.

Si Medi Spa is an intimate cosmetic wellness destination that aims to inspire confidence through incredible skin. Located in the heart of Oakville, Ontario’s lakefront district, Si Medi Spa is owned and operated by Claudia Gonzalez, a certified medical esthetician, whose specialty is all things skincare.  Claudia’s skin care concierge level service combines top-tier treatments with expert advice and aftercare treatments to help clients achieve the complexions of their dreams.

Claudia’s work sits in the sweet spot between beauty, science and innovation.  She uses a combination of technology, scientifically developed skincare products from incredible brands like Alumier and her own knowledge and experience to create an in depth treatment program that’s unique to every patient.  An appointment at Si Medi Spa includes a consultation, a personalised treatment plan with  Claudia , spa-prescribed product recommendations as well as post appointment follow ups. The specialised combination of expert advice, non-invasive procedures such as radiofrequency treatments and medical facials, along with a curated skincare regime works to achieve skincare goals by encouraging the body’s natural healing response to generate collagen, reduce dark spots, pore size and skin tightness and elasticity.

“Our mission at Si Medi Spa has always been to empower our clients to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin,” says Claudia Gonzalez. “The ‘NoTox Trend’ reflects a growing desire to understand our skin and its needs. Which is why integrating my expertise can help clients not only get there but get there sooner and safely.”

I had the pleasure of experiencing the Si Medi Spa touch and impressed doesn’t begin to cover it. I love leaving experts to do their work unencumbered, so I just laid down on Claudia’s treatment table and asked her to do what she does best.  After asking me a few questions about my skincare concerns, existing routine and facial hopes and dreams, Claudia did as experts do, and got to work.  What followed was the most in depth and thorough facial care experience of my life.  Claudia’s attention to detail, her knowledge of facial anatomy and skin composition, and in the chemistry that is the basis of skincare were all evident from the moment I laid down to when I sat up. Claudia performed a bespoke suite of treatments on me, all the while talking to me about what skincare products would be best for my face, and what our future treatment plan will look like.  True to her “Notox” standards, not a single needle pricked my face; and there was absolutely zero downtime afterwards.

And as the days pass, I’m noticing my skin glow even more, feeling smoother, plumper and altogether happier since appointment at Si Medi Spa, and that’s the kind of thing I want to share.

I was so impressed by my experience that I want to share it with one lucky reader.  Enter below for your chance to win your own Skin Care Concierge experience at Si Medi Spa!

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Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly