Cold Weather Clothing Must-Haves

I’ve spent my entire life living in cold weather climates, namely Canada, and while I didn’t think much in my early twenties about bundling up, now that I’m in my forties and have a dog to walk through the cold weather, as well as being an outdoor enthusiast, I now need to have all the right gear for time outside all winter long, weather it’s zero or minus twenty-five.

Now that I’m of a certain age, I’ve had time to figure out precisely what works in all types of weather to keep myself warm, and I’ve found that includes a great base layer, well-made sweaters, sweatshirts and jeans, and a great coat of two to get you through a frigid winter.

So, let’s dive in.


A Great Base Layer

When it comes to staying warm, I’ve learned over the years that it’s all about lots of warm layers, but at the end of the day, you don’t want to wear three sweaters or two coats, so the best way to avoid the winter clothing bulk, is to wear a well made, super warm, base layer, and after testing many over the year, I have to let you know, Icebreaker makes some of the best.

Made with soft one, hundred percent merino wool, the fibres regulate the body’s temperature in all weather conditions and resist odours. Available in featherweight for moderate conditions to ultra-heavyweight, made for comfort in extremely cold conditions.


So, all you have to do is find the weight and fit for you, and you’re all good to go!


Well-Made Sweaters and Sweatshirts

Next up, a great sweater or sweatshirt is needed, and after years of wearing both from Mott & Bow, I highly recommend you pick up a couple for yourself.

The French Terry Hooper is a medium-weight 100% Peruvian cotton loopback sweatshirt. It’s comfortable, soft, and versatile. Wear it to the gym or out on the town; it is casual but elevated. The Classic Cashmere Bergen is a mid-weight year-round sweater. Knit from the highest quality grade A cashmere yarn for an incredibly soft touch and to provide pill resistance.


Both are well-made, super comfy, and lasting staples in your wardrobe.


Comfy Jeans

When it comes to the top layer, I love a great pair of jeans, and some of the best jeans I’ve ever worn are from Mott & Bow. Over the years, I’ve made the Straight Wooster Jeans and the Stright Stone Jeans staples not only in the winter months but right throughout the year.

The Wooster Jeans are perfect for everything from winter walks to lounging around the fireplace. The Dynamic Stretch tech, with 35% elasticity, gives you unmatched flexibility and comfort from its mix of 94% Cotton, 5% Polyester, and 1% Elastane.

The Stone Jeans are gray medium-weight denim that’s exceptionally soft to the touch thanks to the left-hand weave, and like the Wooster, they are well made, offer a great fit and are very comfortable.


Warm Winter Coats

One of the most necessary things needed to make it through any winter is a great coat, and when it comes to staying warm, some of the best coats I’ve ever tested come from Icebreaker.

We’ve tested the Men’s MerinoLoft Collingwood Jacket over the last two years and have found it to offer an incredible amount of warmth and coverage from the cold while still being light and compact enough to wear on long walks, while out with the dog, in less than minus five degrees celsius with just a tee shirt underneath, and comfortably down to minus twenty-five, with base and top layers underneath.

Icebreaker also offers a selection of different coats and jackets for various seasons and activities, including taking on Canadian winter.



When it comes to winter and cold weather in general, the number one rule I’ve learned over the years is layering. Layer less in the not-so-cold and add as many layers as possible in the cold; trust us, it works well. So make sure to get a great base layer and some comfy clothing that still looks great, along with a great coat or two, and don’t forget your wool socks, touques and gloves, and to have a little fun along the way.



Mark Munroe is the Creator and EIC of ADDICTED. He's ADDICTED to great travel, amazing food, better grooming & probably a whole lot more!