Review and Giveaway: Mindful Cleaning Made Easy with Cleancult

In this modern age, there are so many products to choose from, but many detergents, soaps and most of all, cleaning products are full of harsh chemicals that we shouldn’t be putting into the earth or near our skin. So, in a continued effort to make better choices and use products that are better for the environment and personal use, we came across Cleancult.

Cleancult carries plant-based, biodegradable Liquid Laundry Detergent, hand soaps, bar soaps, cleaners, dishwasher tablets, and so much more for those of you not yet aware.

The Cleancult products all come in 100% recyclable paper-based packaging and are available in an array of fantastic and fresh scents, so, as we do, we thought we’d put the entire line to the test.

Over 60 days, we tested the laundry detergent, handsoap, multip-purpose cleaner, and so much more, and we must admit, our space has never been so clean, so here’s a little about the products we have grown to love.



Liquid Laundry Detergent Refill

Each refill carton is packed with the plant-based power of our CocoClean Technology that’s tough on dirt but gentle on you, your clothes, and the planet. This biodegradable detergent takes your laundry from dirty to dazzling, delivering you crisp, clean clothes every time. ($13.99 per refill).

We are addicted to the Seaspray and Aloe; the scent it leaves is light but genuinely delightful.


Liquid Hand Soap

This coconut-based formula doesn’t just clean. It’s also made for sensitive skin, filled with nourishing Vitamin E, and restores the moisture other soaps have stripped away. ($12.99 per refill)

If you’re looking to add a little something extra to your bathroom, there is nothing like the smell of Lavender Hand Soap; It’s become our go-to bathroom soap.


Liquid Laundry Glass Refill 

What makes cleaning and laundry that much easier? Cleancults, shatter-resistant detergent bottles, soap dispensers and spray bottles. They allow you to reduce waste, but they also fit perfectly into any decor.

The shatter-proof laundry bottle has a long-lasting silicone sleeve that protects the glass and enhances your grip. It comes equipped with a built-in measuring cup and spout, perfect for laundry detergents and liquid fabric softeners. Fill with liquid detergent and experience laundry day in a whole new way. ($12.99 per dispenser)

The soap dispenser and cleaning bottle also offer easy grip bottom and come in an array of colours.



All-Purpose Cleaner

The non-toxic and no-nonsense – All-Purpose Cleaner freshens up all spaces without any of the harsh chemicals. We tested on floors, countertops, and everything in between, and this coconut-based cleaner stood up to the test every time. ($12.99 per refill)


Bar Soap

The smooth blend of essential oils in each bar gently cleanses your skin and washes away impurities, so it feels soft and serene. Velvety and sudsy can be used for all skin types and can be used on your hands, body, and face. Not only that, they are fresh and offer lovely subtle fragrance. ($5.99 per bar)



From Laundry detergent to cleaner, soaps to bottles, CleanCult offers the perfect range to keep your home looking and smelling its best, without the harsh, harmful chemicals.

Now since we love the range of products so much, we wanted to make sure one of you gets to try them out too, on us!


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Liquid Hand Soap + Glass Bottle

Liquid Dish Soap + Glass Bottle

Dryer Ball 6-pack

(2) Bar Soap


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Cleancult products are available in-store at Peavey Mart and London Drugs and online on Amazon and in Canada at Cleancult provided products for review and giveaway.



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