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4 Ways to Improve Your Shopping Habits in 2021

Since most people around the world are currently spending most of their time at home, it’s safe to say that global shopping habits are changing as we speak. There’s nothing you can do about that, though, except adapting to changes…

4 Ways to Improve the Financial Aspect of Your Business

Optimising a business can mean a whole array of different things. When most people talk about optimisation, they are generally talking about the house’s financial side—in other words, maximising the income while slashing down on expenses as much as possible….

COVID-19 & Gut health and Colon Cancer Awareness

Written by guest contributor Dr. Sapna Makhija. Dr. Makhija earned her undergraduate education at the University of British Columbia, followed by a medical degree from the University of Saskatchewan. She has also completed  an Internal Medicine residency and further specialization…