“Corona-Cation”: Best Ways to Spend Your Free Time Quarantined at Home

The global pandemic certainly did a number to humanity. But if there’s anything good to come out of it, it’s that we’ve been given a bit of free time while we’re stuck at home.

Being at home for a long time feels like a dream, but only for a little while. After getting tons of rest, you might be feeling bored and out of touch. The constant of staying at home has to make you wonder if this is indeed the “new normal” to life as we know it.

If it is, then we all might as well start looking at ways to find entertainment in our new version of normalcy. Here are our top picks of the best ways to spend your free time while quarantined at home.

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Get cooking

When the world was still ordinary, we all know how much you spent on takeout and junk food. Nobody had the time to use their kitchens for cooking. Kitchens were “decoration” for some people!

But that’s no longer the case. Now is the time to try frying an egg for the first time or bring back your love for baking. It’s also okay to be a little rusty with your cooking skills too. The “new norm” associated with your corona-cation will give you plenty of time to practice.

Also, a word of advice, I suggest you survey your kitchen a bit because your cooking tools might need an upgrade. If you want to cook that 10-course meal you were planning to do, you won’t be able to do it with just a can opener and one pot.

Keep yourself fit

Indeed, now is the time to embrace the adage “Health is wealth.” Who said that the only way to work out is if you join a gym? There is no better way to keep in shape than to stick with a workout routine you can do from the comfort of your own home.

It’s been months since quarantine, and just by searching the internet, you will have thousands of home workout routines to choose from. Just remember to pace yourself and learn to rest in between sets.



Watch and re-watch films & series

It’s not an actual vacation if you won’t slow down for a bit and get lazy in front of your laptop or TV. But nowadays, the news isn’t something we want to spend hours on because it’s pretty depressing.

Lucky for us, there are many video streaming services available online. You, of course, have the option of watching Netflix, but you also could binge-watch your favorite Disney movies through Disney’s new app! Taking a trip back to your childhood is always a good time!


Reconnect with friends and family

Reconnecting with your loved ones during this pandemic is easy due to messaging apps. You can set e-meetings and e-dates with friends and family to catch up while safely social distancing. You can even host virtual game nights and e-drinking to socialize.

Reaching out to your family and friends is essential to keep your mental and emotional state healthy while searching for a COVID-19 cure continues.


Visit destinations via Virtual Tours

Admittedly, our travel plans with friends and family were sorely affected by this ongoing pandemic. While we have no choice but to stay at home and be safe, that doesn’t mean we can’t push through with our plans!

Many places are now offering virtual tours worldwide to allow people to take a peek at these places from the safety and comfort of their own homes. Some are offering these digital tours for free, while others ask for a small amount.


Do something you love

Get back to painting. Get your guitar out and start making music. Read a book. This is the time to explore and do what you used to enjoy doing but had to put on the back burner due to work or school. After all, if we’re going to be stuck at home, we should take full advantage of this time to get back to doing what we love, while we have the time to do it!


There are so many things you can do while quarantined at home. It’s about having fun and keeping yourself safe and at peace during this time. Don’t worry too much and have fun!


Jessica Alexander

Jessica Alexander

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