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building a budget

The Basics of Building a Personal Budget

Many may wonder about the advantage of building a personal budget, but as someone who’s learned from his past mistakes, taking the time to make a personal budget is crucial to financial success. You see, a budget is a plan…

take a break

Feeling stressed? Maybe it’s time to take a break

Many, like me, have found themselves exclusively working at home the last two years, and while that comes with all sorts of perks, it also means that you have the ability, for better or worse, to work from the time…


The Art of Running a Coffee Shop

Millions of coffee cups are poured every day all over the world, from tropical destinations to frozen tundras. To supply all of these coffee drinkers with their daily dose of java, coffee shops are working full steam ahead every day….


Top 2021 Video Marketing Tips

One of the fastest developing types of marketing nowadays, videos seem to be transforming the face of digital advertising as we know it. In addition to helping you promote your brand image, videos in 2021 need to fulfill your viewers’…