Organisation Tips for Entrepreneurs

Running your business and stepping in the entrepreneurs’ waters will take a lot of effort, sacrifice and determination. If you wish to make your business one of the most successful, you’ll need to know how to be a good entrepreneur. Good management is the key to success, so your organisational skills will need to be top-notch too. Not sure how to take your organisational skills to the highest level? Check out our tips to become a more organised entrepreneur.


Have a set plan each day

First and foremost, every successful entrepreneur needs to have every day planned out strategically. Knowing when you’ll be starting your day, what your first task is, and how many conference calls or meetings you will have is essential for going through your day without stressing out. Not only will you not be stressing out, but you will also keep the business running smoothly.


Keep up with tasks with a planner

To make sure you’re always up-to-date with your tasks, you’ll need a planner. Noting down your every assignment for the day will guarantee you don’t forget to cross anything off your list once you’re in your workplace. The more tasks you accomplish, the less stressed out you’ll be about the upcoming duties. You can choose between a physical and digital planner, whichever suits you better. Using a pen and paper to write down important tasks for the day creates a much stronger and somewhat tangible connection, allowing you to have the assignments in the back of your head.


Stay connected to your team

Knowing that everyone is taking care of their duties throughout the day is essential for entrepreneurs to keep up with their tasks. Therefore, you will need to ensure that you’re connected with your team through several digital apps such as Google Contacts. You can easily share Google Contacts from your desktop or mobile device without having to spend valuable time browsing through an entire notebook. That gives the whole team access to all the contacts that anyone can easily update at any time. Make sure you have an app through which you can communicate as a team or hold conference calls on the go.


Keep distractions to a minimum

Procrastination is one of the entrepreneurs’ worst enemies, and it happens every time you have something to distract you from your work. Therefore, be sure you’re away from any distractions, including your personal phone. You should have a business mobile phone and a personal one, to keep your notifications separate. On top of that, your personal device should always be off or put away where you cannot get distracted by the notifications or be tempted to fall into the rabbit hole of endless scrolling through social media.


Delegate tasks for maximum productivity

Not everybody is meant to accomplish every task. You can’t expect yourself to be involved with every duty in the company. That’s why you’ll have gathered a team of associates who will be there to tackle tasks that you’re not good at and help you bring your business to a higher level. Delegating tasks accordingly will ensure productivity and efficiency, making you the next best entrepreneur in the city. You will come across tasks that you don’t enjoy doing or you’re not good at. When that happens, you’ll delegate the assignments to those who are more skilled in those areas than you are.


Final thoughts

Becoming more organised doesn’t have to seem like an impossible mission. All you’ll need to do is make sure you have a few strategies up your sleeve, and you’ll be ready to go. As long as you have a planner to write down all the tasks, surround yourself with a team of people to keep your business flowing, delegate tasks accordingly, and keep distractions to a minimum, you will have no trouble becoming organised, and watch your business thrive.



Peter Minkoff
Peter is a lifestyle writer at HighStyleLife magazine, living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.
Peter Minkoff