BodCon Virtual Conference Hopes to Inspire Radical Self-Acceptance

Tomorrow, Sunday February 21, 2021, clear your schedule for a mood elevating and empowering conversation with The BodCon presented by Knix.

The virtual one-day conference will engage participants in a powerful conversation about body confidence and the ever-important movement towards radical self-acceptance.

In short, you’ll end the day feeling uplifted and inspired – something that’s particularly appreciated in these perpetually uncertain times.

Participants of the anticipated event will hear stories, insights, and advice from some of the world’s most influential figures in the self-love and body confidence spear. This includes keynote speakers actress and advocate Jameela Jamil and beloved activist Sarah Nicole Landry of The Birds Papaya.

The BodyCon is the brainchild of Jess Huchison and Emily Ward, co-founders of global influencer management agency Shine Influencers. After witnessing the powerful conversations surrounding body confidence occurring in the social space, the powerhouse team wanted to amplify these voices and to help impact further change.

Refreshingly, the entire event is fully live – forgoing any prerecorded talks or sessions – to facilitate a candid conversation and a deeper connection to the speakers.

Though they range widely in background, the common theme among the inspiring speakers is a resonating message that our value is not attached to what shape or size we are.

Of course, many of them are already familiar faces. Check out what some of the BodCon speakers – all influential leaders on the self-love front – had to say about the event.

Alex Light

“I’ve made it my mission to help as many women feel better in their own skin, and encourage them to shed the toxic, societal beliefs that have held them back for so long. An opportunity to reach more women and further spread this message is a priority for me, so I was absolutely delighted to be a part of The BodCon.”



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It means being at peace with your body; no longer seeing your body as something to fix, but, rather, a wonderful vessel that allows us to navigate life and deserves our respect, care and love.”

Chaneen Saliee 

“I am most excited to speak at Body Con because as I raise two independent and powerful, black daughters, I believe it is a truly the most profound gift to give a child the ability to love themselves, inside and out – regardless of what society/ others say or think.”

Raia Carey

“I wanted to be a part of BODCON because my life’s work has been to help people tap into their hidden confidence. To deepen our understanding of who we are, to achieve & maintain true inner confidence. As someone who has experienced the triumphs and tribulations with my confidence, and loving my body- after losing 300Lbs it became that much more clear that confidence can only come from within.

In the digital world we live in, confidence looks much different, and has come with many pros and cons. This is why I am so excited about BODCON, a conference that will break down barriers in the self love and boy positivity, as well as being raw and authentic- I think that’s what radical self love is all about.”

Allison E. Lang

“I want to be part of The Bod Con because I wish an event existed like this when I was younger. It’s a great way to share life experiences and learn from one another.

I want to be part of The Bod Con to share my story about struggling to love my body in hopes that it inspires someone to let go of their insecurities. I was in denial for the longest time that I was disabled and hid my prosthetic leg for years, then one day I decided enough was enough and it was time for me to be true to myself.”

“To me, body confidence means learning to love yourself and putting your needs first, before others’ expectations of you. I always say “your obstacle is your opportunity” because my amputation has given me more opportunities than if I were born with two real legs.”

Jeff Jenkins

“Body Confidence means “Live Life Now” to me. You don’t have to be at your dream weight to start living life now!”



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Jeanette Burchfield

“I think it’s positive to hear, see expiercince new and different narratives. Being part of BodCon gives me the opportunity to take part of the conversation. This is not a “one size fits all” kind of world, yet too often we see one-dimensional stories. I want to set the stage for all my people trying to navigate in these places.”

Stevie Blaine

“What body confidence means to me: body confidence is me is discovering the power inside each of us. Knowing that no two of us look the same and that’s ok. Our beauty exists within our differences.”

Brenda C James 

“Body confidence is the confidence to trust myself to define and believe my reflection as beautiful without thought or consideration of the definition of others. Every older part of me is grateful to be still here and in healthy working order. Each part is a valuable and beautiful contribution to the whole story of who I am.



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Similar to the Knixwear campaign (@knixwear @joannaknix), I believe The BodCon conference is another platform that will have a far-reaching impact for women of all body types, shapes, ages and cultures around the world. This conference focuses on “self acceptance” of who we are as individuals regardless of how we are packaged. It aligns with my definition of beauty.”

Julia Parzyck

“I wanted to be part of BodyCon because I think events like these are what we need to make changes. I think it’s so helpful to hear from all types of women from different backgrounds, with different body types, and different stories to share their experiences and openly talk about body image and confidence. These types of events are what help other women see that they too can be confident in their bodies. And I want to be part of that change.”

Karly Polkosnik

“Body confidence, to me, is showing up fearlessly in your own skin. It’s enjoying all the wonderful things the world has to offer without worrying about other’s opinions. It’s showing off your body, covering your body, moving your body, not moving your body, and everything in between. Because, at the end of the day, your body is yours and what you do with it is entirely up to you.”

Jaimmy Koroma

“What Body Confidence Means to me: There was a time when I’d wake up and rush to the scale to see my progress. That little number would determine my whole mood for the day. Body confidence has less to do with loving how your actual body looks like but more about letting that body live a life that is full, bold, and magical, no matter what it looks like!”



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Kelly Yu

“I am thrilled to be a part of TheBodCon as I have always aspired to inspire those on their journey to a healthier relationship with food, their bodies, trauma and recovery. There is nothing better than feeling together


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Mik Zazon

“Today you’ll find me working to inspire body positivity and self-acceptance, and raise awareness around eating disorders and mental health. But it was a long road to get here. After surviving multiple eating disorders, trauma, and an abusive relationship, I know what it’s like to feel like you don’t belong in your own skin. Like your real self is screaming on the inside to break out this shell that society has built by teaching us we’re no good unless we look and act how they want.

The body con gives me the platform to share my journey to help womxn find the courage to speak their truth and learn to love themselves at any size and age.”

The BodCon takes place this Sunday, February 21 from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm. EST. Tickets cost $55 USD and are available for purchase here.”

Erin Nicole Davis

Erin Nicole Davis

Erin Nicole Davis is a Toronto-based writer and actor. When she’s not writing the day away in a face mask, she’s taking in the city’s vibrant arts scene, doing a red carpet interview or brunching with her leading ladies (at least, in pre-COVID-19 times). Follow Erin: @erinnicoledavis