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About Alex Payne

Alex is a Toronto-based writer, author and DJ. When she's not playing music at Toronto venues like Mod Club or River Bar at Budweiser Stage, she's probably either writing sci-fi novels or having a horror movie binge.

Top 10 horror movies to binge this Halloween

If there’s one good thing about Halloween (I mean, there are lots of good things, but let’s pretend there’s only one), it’s binging horror movies til the zombies come home. I’ve seen way too many scary movies and I’m always…

12 Not So Basic Beauty Must-Haves for Spring: Rejuvenation

Sick of dull, lifeless skin? It’s time to kick your beauty regime into high gear this spring, and rejuvenate the hell out of your biggest organ. Winter sucks literally and figuratively; it seems like all the moisture and plumpness has…

Looking to Find Balance? Ayurveda Yoga Might Be the Answer

For a lot of us, working out can feel like a chore. Ie. you find yourself dying on the treadmill which you loath with a passion or in a yoga class basically breaking your back trying to do challenging positions….