At Home Date Ideas

Having a date night doesn’t always mean needing to splash the cash – or even leave the house! There are many ways you can plan a romantic date at home to show your partner how much you care and celebrate your love for each other. Here are some of our top at-home date ideas.


Cook a Meal Together

While this may seem like something you do daily, cooking doesn’t have to be run-of-the-mill. Taking the time to find a gourmet or unusual recipe that you’d both like to try and splashing out on new or more ‘out there’ ingredients can be a great way to build on your communication skills and teamwork and to enjoy sharing a new experience.

Not every kitchen is designed to have two would-be chefs working side-by-side, so if space is an issue, then designate jobs and take it in turn. Try to see the entire experience as one whole with lots of different aspects you can both get involved in, from choosing the recipe and buying the ingredients to chopping, frying and even doing the dishes afterwards!


Surprise Picnic

Now summer is here, giving us longer evenings to enjoy, why not surprise your partner after work with a picnic in your garden? You can make the most of the sun and share some of your favourite nibbles as you unwind from your day.

Check the weather, so your picnic isn’t a washout and lay down a waterproof groundsheet if the grass is damp. Set up your perfect picnic spot in your garden with a picnic rug or soft blanket and plenty of cushions. Outdoor lights can help create a romantic atmosphere and also mean that your date night doesn’t need to end when the sun sets.

As you’re not going far, you don’t need to worry about keeping everything cool or packing plastic tableware, so you’re not limited to what you can serve at your picnic. You can still stick to traditional picnic foods like sandwiches and strawberries if you like, but you can also include fancy little cakes or pastries without worrying they’ll get squashed. Oh, and don’t forget the fizz!


Movie Day

Circle off one day on your calendar when you both have no responsibilities and book it as a movie day. First, you’ll need to compile a list of your favourite films.

These could be films you’ve seen before and love, the new flicks you’ve been waiting to watch or the movies everyone talks about that you’ve never seen. If you’re stuck for film ideas, try working your way through a list of must-see classic movies.

Get your set up as cozy as you like it with blankets and cushions, and spend the full day unwinding together. Then make sure you have plenty of your favourite snacks, whether popcorn, pick ‘n’ mix or crisps or order a takeaway to enjoy. You could even take it that step further for real film fanatics and hire a projector and screen to super-size your movie night.


Plan a Games Night

Double dates are a fun way to spend quality time with your partner and close friends who are also in a couple. A games night can introduce a bit of healthy competition to a date night and bring you closer as a couple while laughing simultaneously. You could play classics like charades and Pictionary, the more risque Cards Against Humanity or have a karaoke or lip sync battle.



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