AOTY Candidates ALVVAYS Bring The Show Back Home

Hometown heroes close another strange year at History.

Not long after Alvvays‘ sophomore album, Blue Rev, was released last fall, the question wasn’t whether it was good or not, it was where exactly the album would average out on all the various album of the year lists. It didn’t take a seemingly informed music critic to hear just how damn good the songs were on this album. As acclaim was published again and again, Alvvays fans just wanted to hear their new faves live. On December 15, Toronto’s faction was treated to their first listens.

The cold, wet night was warmed up by Madison, Wisconsin’s Slow Pulp as they moved through a set of charming songs from their 2020 album, Moveys and 2019 EP Big Day.


The cheers for Alvvays started even before the house lights dimmed. Walking onstage, even through their poker faces, smiles peeked out a bit due to the overwhelming reaction. This audience was beyond ready for the show. From the first note of Pharmacist, the singalong began. Followed up by After The Earthquake and In Undertow, the band touched on songs from not only Blue Rev, but also almost half a set’s worth from previous releases Antisocialites and their breakthrough self-titled album.

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