A Few Ways to Improve Air Quality in Your Home

Anyone who reads the paper or watches the news these days knows that nothing is more important than the air that you breathe. People are spending more and more time at home, and the air in your abode should be free of mould and other debris.

The air quality in your home can be affected by many things, including outside contaminants, carbon monoxide, asbestos, and lead. There are a few things you can do to ensure that you are always breathing the cleanest air possible in your house.


Keep Your Air Ducts Clean

Air ducts help to control the climate in your house by managing the distribution of hot and cold air that travels in and out of the vents. If you do not maintain your air ducts properly, they can emit dirty air between rooms in your home. Mould and dust can gather in your ducts, and that can hurt air quality.

You should also make sure that the air ducts in your home are the right size and installed correctly. If you have an air conditioner and the ducts are too big, it can reduce the airflow. The same is true with heating ducts. The width and depth of an air filter can significantly affect the efficiency of an air conditioner or heating duct.


Have Your Carpets Cleaned Regularly

Carpets can also help to control the climate of your home, and it can also be an essential part of your home’s interior decor. One one level carpets help to clean the air in your home. The fibres of the rug can trap dust and other debris. However, if you do not vacuum regularly and have the carpets cleaned intermittently, that trapped debris can hurt air quality and the smell of your home. 

You should vacuum your carpets twice a week if you have pets and once a week if you do not. It would be best if you got your carpets cleaned about once a year.


Get Some Plants

A little greenery not only makes your home look beautiful but can clean the air. Ferns thrive in indoor environments. They can clean the air through phytoremediation, which is a process where they absorb impurities in their roots and leaves. 


Check Your Air Regularly

You know that your air conditioner has an air filter, and you probably know to clean that regularly. Other appliances in your home have air filters as well. If you have vents in your kitchen, they have air filters as well. Vacuum cleaners have filters that need to be changed and so do cloth dryers. Generally filters on household appliances should be replaced every four months or so. You should inspect those filters for damages every two months.


Buy Filters with a Good Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value Rating

The MERV rating is a method of evaluating the quality of an air filter. The quality is determined by how much debris the filter collects. A filter that is worth buying should catch particles of all sizes. A high MERV rating means a quality filter.


Your home should be your sanctuary, and nothing is more critical to safety and refuge than clean air. Top-quality filters will make your home a comfortable place to shelter in for a long time.


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