4 Tools for Taking better care of your teeth

Dental care may seem like a boring topic, but as an adult without the benefit of well, benefits (of the dental and medical variety) I’ve become pretty focused on finding ways to care for my teeth at home to make dentist visits as easy as possible. Despite my determination to do my best when it comes to my teeth, and a recent dentist visit I learned I had to step up my game – my gum game that is.  That’s when I made the switch to Philips Sonicare and it’s truly been a dental game changer.

To zoom out, it’s clear that it’s more than just me who needs to do better in the realm of dental care. The CDA’s 2023 Survey of Canadians’ Oral Health Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviours found that while 90% of Canadians believe oral health is important to overall health, only 57% of Canadians reported brushing their teeth twice a day for two minutes and only 44% reported flossing daily.  It’s no wonder dentists are telling their patients to bring in tools to help us take better care of our teeth.

Philips Sonicare is the #1 recommended brand by dental professionals, offering a variety of tools and solutions that makes that dentist-recommended level of dental care effortless and achievable.  When my dentist recommended I add an electric toothbrush and a water flosser to my dental care arsenal, Philips Sonicare had the exact tools I was looking for.

For Brushing


The Philips Sonicare Prestige 9900

The Prestige offers the most premium, technologically advanced oral health care routine, in a chic, stylish package that you’ll be proud to display on your bathroom counter.  The brush’s SenseIQ technology senses pressure, motion, coverage and more up to 100 times per second and then adapts the intensity if you push too hard. This technology takes the guesswork out of brushing modes, so you can experience effortless care and better brushing over time.  For even more personalization users can download the The Philips Sonicare app, which is powered by artificial intelligence and works in perfect harmony with the toothbrush.  I love using the app to change the settings on my brush quickly and easily, and to help time my brushing session to ensure I’m getting my teeth as clean and healthy as possible.

MSRP: $499.99.


The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart:

For a lower price point, users can experience exceptional cleaning without compromise. The A3 Premium All-in-One brush head removes up to 20x more plaque, 100% more stains, and promotes 15x healthier gums in just two weeks. Soft, flexible brush head bristles conform to your teeth and gums, delivering deeper cleaning and 4x more surface contact than a regular brush head.  This brush also utilizes the Philips Sonicare app to help provide real-time feedback and coaching to help you brush more effectively and mindfully. Avoid over-brushing with a built-in sensor that guides you towards a gentler, more effective clean.

MSRP: $249.99.


The Philips Sonicare 4100 Series

For a more entry level option, the 4100 Series has everything you need to care for your teeth to your dentist’s high standards.

The Sonicare technology is clinically proven to remove up to 7x better plaque from your teeth and along the gum line while protecting your gums, while the built-in pressure sensor automatically detects pressure you apply to help protect your gums. The toothbrush will make a pulsing sound as a reminder to ease off the pressure.

MSRP: $84.99


For flossing

The Philips Cordless Sonicare Power Flosser 3000

Not all water flossers are created equally, a lesson I learned when I was shopping around for one after my dentist warned me that I needed to take better care of my gums.  Regular flossing just wasn’t enough, but I wasn’t impressed with the first water flosser I purchased.  Then I discovered the Philips Sonicare Power Flosser and I was blown away.  The Power Flosser removes up to 99.9% of plaque and is up to 180% more effective for healthier gums compared to manual flossing, especially when using its Quad Stream technology with its four X-shaped water streams.  With the Power Flosser you can get a gentle yet thorough clean that will make your next dentist visit a breeze.



So take care of your teeth with Philips Sonicare.  For more information, check out their website below.


Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly