Wonderful Winter Adventures in Norway

Have you always wanted to experience the ultimate winter adventure? Norway has so much to offer, from outstanding views to endless outdoor excursions.

We recently had the pleasure of visiting Norway and embarking on an epic winter adventure. We visited a snow hotel, went dog sledding, hiked up mountains, sailed the open waters, saw endless amazing views, ate delicious food, and even saw the northern lights. It was truly remarkable, so since we loved our visit, we just had to share the best bits with you.


The Snow Hotel In Kirkenes

If you’re looking for the ultimate winter experience, you must pay a visit to the Kirkenes Snow Hotel. You can spend a night in the icy interior or a quaint gamme northern lights cabin and tour the snow hotel at your leisure.

On top of this being a one-of-a-kind experience, the resort also offers guided dog sled rides, king crab fishing, and even reindeer. We flew into the airport, and our stay included a transfer. As we arrived in this winter wonderland, we went and met the dogs, saw some reindeer and had a warm lunch, all before we even settled into our room.

We stayed in the northern lights cabin, which was super cozy and offered views of the northern lights’ stunning snowy days and nights.

The resort offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, all varying from day to day but always hearty and delicious, and from taking long walks to epic outdoor adventures, there seem to be endless things to do not only through the winter season but throughout the year.

We even found the Northern Lights a truly mesmerizing and memorable experience.


The Northern Lights In Kirkenes

Before arriving in Kirkenes, Norway, I had read that it was the perfect place to chase the Northern Lights and that you have a great chance of seeing them dancing through the sky on clear nights throughout the winter months.

We didn’t know what we would see, and the first time we went out, we didn’t see much, but late one night, while we were staying at the Snow Hotel, we wandered out to the most spectacular sight. The night was dark, with woven streaks of green light. As we wandered along, they flashed and flickered, weaving in and out through the night. It was truly magical.

And just like that, they were gone as it snowed the next night.


Go for a hike (or ice climb) in Flåm

We arrived in the scenic town of Flam and knew right away that it was a little haven of winter magic. Set inside an epic view of mountains, this quaint stop offers a great hike, beautiful views, delicious food, superb accommodations, peace, and quietness.

Walking through the town and away from the water, you’ll have the perfect view while enjoying some crisp winter air as you make your way up the hike. You may also see people climbing up the frozen waterfall as we did. Now we won’t be doing that any time soon, but it was incredible to stop and watch from the safety of the path as we made our way back down to dinner.

It was a lovely evening in a tranquil and quaint village that gives you that wonderful winter in the country experience.


Take an epic train ride through the mountains

There’s something magical about taking a ride on an old train. Maybe it’s the old-world feel, the idea of stepping back in time, or perhaps it’s just the cozy aesthetic. Either way, taking a ride through the mountains on the Flåm Railway is a must.

As you step on the train and take your seat, it takes you to a different time and place, and as you set off, the scenery takes you into another world of winter wonder as you ride from Flåm to Myrdal.

Beautiful mountains, snow-filled valleys, and little moments of life in between mark this truly epic train trip that is one to remember and see for yourself if you get the chance. This may not be a long ride, but it’s definitely one I will remember for years to come.


Brilliant views in Bergen

Here’s the thing, a lot of great views I’ve experienced over the years usually involve a long hike, a steep climb, questionable stairs, or something of that nature, so when we took a tram up the mountain to see the view, which you can take down, or walk either way as well, I thought I should share.

Not only is it more accessible, but it boasts some beautiful views, and if you wander around the top for a while, you’ll also find some fresh, crisp winter air, more amazing views and even some friendly goats.

Even better, the city is picturesque and perfect for wandering through on a winter day as the colour of the houses pops out in a sea of winter white and blue skies.

With stunning views, lots of beautiful galleries, great food and old-world charm, Bergen is a great place to visit in winter and throughout the year.


Winter Day Cruise through the Sognefjord

If you like sailing and amazing views, then this is for you. Sailing through the epic waters of Norway and looking out upon the mountains as they pass along the way was a humbling experience, as you are reminded just how small you are in a vast world full of truly remarkable sights.

We sailed through the dramatic fjords of Aurlandsfjord and Næroyfjord, branches of spectacular Sognefjord, and it was really like something out of a viking movie. It was indeed something to experience Norway in a Nutshell.

As we sailed along, it was cold but so calm and beautiful, so even if you have a weak stomach, you should be able to handle the ride, and if not, there’s always the train. Even epic bus rides through the countryside, all of which we experienced and enjoyed the views throughout.


Norway was magical. From the epic views to endless outdoor adventure, the great food, wonderful experiences and welcoming people make it the perfect place to visit for your next winter vacation.



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