Want Travel Insurance? Get Vaccinated

Have you been wondering whether you need to get the COVID vaccine to purchase travel insurance? Many people assume that they can purchase regular coverage regardless of their vaccination status. Since COVID-19 travel insurance coverage for Canadians is available from many companies, if you have not received the vaccine, many insurers will either deny you coverage outright or severely restrict the amount of protection you get from a standard policy.

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What does an ordinary traveller’s policy agreement do for you? Say you need to cancel a trip for medical reasons, lose all your baggage, need to be hospitalised while in a foreign country, or are the victim of a hotel robbery and lose a significant amount of money. Some insurers will reimburse for the monetary losses associated with such situations.

However, if you haven’t received a COVID shot, then chances are excellent that insurers will either not cover you or won’t cover any losses related to the pandemic. The bottom line is if you choose not to receive the vaccine, regardless of the reasons, insurance companies in Canada will treat you differently and see to it that your coverage is either limited or ultimately denied. Here is what you need to know if you’re a Canadian citizen who plans to move about the world freely, but chooses not to receive a vaccine.




If you’re a Canadian citizen and have gone the full vaccination route, you can easily obtain traveller’s insurance coverage. What’s more, when you return home, there will be no need to spend time in quarantine. But, be aware that when your trip is over, you will have to take a test before coming back into Canada. Then, you’ll be forced to take yet another test after you’re safely home. If you don’t, then you’ll be subject to quarantine.


Restricted Coverage

You’ll have to check with individual carriers. Still, for the most part, if you or any adult in your party is not fully vaccinated, then you’ll be susceptible for all sorts of medical expenses if you become ill while on vacation. It’s a go at your risk situation. The point is that while it’s possible to leave Canada and enter many foreign nations as a non-vaccinated person, you’re taking a substantial financial risk by doing so.


Stay in Canada

You are worried about losing the price of a major vacation if your trip is cancelled and you have no policy in place? Plenty of local airlines are offering major discounts for those who don’t leave the country. Then do what millions have already done and simply stay within the border of Canada.


What if You Become Ill While Abroad?

Here’s where it really pays to be in the vaccinated category. For example, if you travel to Mexico, received the COVID shot before departing Canada and subsequently become ill during your vacation, a full-fledged travel insurance policy would cover your medical expenses during the stay. Some people prefer just to play it safe and travel domestically until the pandemic passes.



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