Ultimate Action Hobbies Everyone Should Try At Least Once

When it comes to having a blast, some hobbies are just a little more intense than others. Action hobbies are a fantastic way for you and your friends to have some thrilling fun; they also tend to provide a decent workout. The following will explore several action hobbies you and your buddies might want to try at least once.

Of course, as with any activity involving flying objects, running, jumping, tagging or other forms of action, be careful. Don’t push yourself beyond your limits, and make sure that everyone who is playing is doing so safely. This is particularly important if you include younger children with you in the game.


Gel Ball

Similar to paintball, but also completely different, using gel blasters takes competitive strategy games to the next level. Gel blasters are sometimes also called hydro blasters or gel guns, and they release polymer water beads that are super absorbent. The latest pistol gel blasters have some real power to them, making this a fantastic variant on whatever paintball setups you and your friends usually do. Often people prefer this version as gel balls hurt a fair bit less than paintballs (but be forewarned, they still hurt a little. It’s also important to know that you need to soak the ammunition you buy for gel blasters for a few hours in advance of using them.


Ice Cross

Ice cross (sometimes called ice cross downhill) is one of the newer sports out there and definitely fits into the category of action hobbies. Popular in Canada and Russia in particular, this sport is probably unlike any other you’ve played before. How it works is people line up at the top of an ice ramp or track. Everyone is wearing ice skates and hockey gear. The game is basically a race on skates downhill on ice. Intense right?

To make things even more action-packed, there are minimal rules about interfering with your competitor’s race down the ramp. You can pull people and push people, and, yes, this means the game gets messy, but at the same time, it’s a genuine blast. Since Redbull got behind the came, ice cross has grown in popularity. Why not see if there’s a course near you? Be prepared. You will go faster than you think you will.


Skiing And Snowboarding

There’s a reason once someone goes skiing once they’re always planning another trip back to the slopes: this classic hobby is incredibly exciting but also one of the few activities where you get to enjoy pristine snowy mountain views as you participate. Couple all that with the culture of relaxation and celebration that seems to surround ski communities, and you have a recipe for a stellar weekend with your friends. Just be sure to read some ski slope safety tips before you go. Blizzards and other dangers could be encountered, so you need to have a plan. As well, be sure to look up the weather before you go.


Outdoor Rock Climbing

Finally, rock climbing has been recognized by the Olympics as an official sport. This activity isn’t for those who are afraid of heights, but everyone else will definitely want to give it a try at least once in their life. Rock climbing is something humans have been doing since at least the ancient era, but almost certainly longer. There are a variety of difficulty levels available, meaning you can start with an easier climb and work your way towards the tougher ones as you feel yourself improve. The reward at the top of the mountain is a gorgeous view, plus you’ve had hours (or sometimes even days) of fresh mountain air cleaning your lungs and oxygenating your brain. 


Given how good this sport is for the mind and the body, people usually get hooked on the wonderful feelings that come with breathing such good air and working out your muscles in such a complete way. It’s important to note that rock climbing is a serious workout. Start small, and don’t feel bad about turning around if you’re getting tired. Climbing down is not much easier than climbing up, so you need to be sure you’re saving enough energy and aren’t wearing your muscles out too much for the return trip.


The above list should get you and your friends started on some epic adventure hobbies. Once you realize how much fun you and a group of your favorite people can have in the great outdoors with action activities, you might find yourselves scheduling monthly or weekly game nights.


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