Top Tips to Help Succeed in Essay Writing

Each essay is a new opportunity to make yourself better. However, if you write essays more often, it’s easy to get stuck on the same formulae, especially if you receive positive feedback from your readers. But how can you improve your essay writing and take it to another level?

In this post, we give you the best tips to help boost your essay writing skills.

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Study Other People’s Essays

Just as reading books help in improving writing skills, so does reading other people’s essays. Read essays on a variety of subjects, including the ones you are not studying. Different disciplines have different arguments and techniques; the more you explore, the more styles there are to help you in your essay writing.

When reading an essay from another person, dissect whether points are supported by evidence. Note if the essay is persuasive in any way. An essay must be balanced and thus you should learn from the best-written essay and not just anything that you come across.

The best thing is that you can always get the best guide for essay writing by connecting with online tutors and tutorials.


Select an Interesting Topic

Choosing a topic plays a vital role in the essay writing process. You may be provided with a topic or be allowed to choose it for yourself. If you have to choose, go for a topic that you are comfortable with in terms of knowledge and familiarity. This way, you will write easily since you are familiar with the topic.


Practice Writing

As a student, there are a lot of writing tasks to deal with. And to perfect your writing skills, you must be writing a lot. Don’t wait until you are told to upgrade your skills. Practice writing on various topics such as the effects of pollution, climate change, among others.


Clear Thesis

After choosing a topic to write about, you should write a clear, brief but comprehensive thesis statement that is presentable to your audience.

The thesis comprises two parts: The topic and the body. Your thesis should contain the principal argument of the essay. When writing your thesis, you include the introduction paragraph and mention it in the body of your essay before the conclusion.


Have an Outline

Now that you have a topic and a thesis, creating an outline should not give you a headache. State your topic at the center top of your paper. You need to have the introduction, body, and conclusion. Write down the main ideas and opinions. Leave space for small ideas to back up the main ideas. If you find it difficult to craft or have no enough time for it, get professional help.

An outline is of great use in essay writing, it simplifies the writing process, giving it a smooth and interesting flow.



This is probably the cornerstone of any successful writing. After completing the writing, you are not yet done. Double-checking is one of the critical steps in the essay writing process. By doing so, you are aware of what and where to improve. 

You can hire professionals in academic writing or use online tools to check any grammatical errors to come up with an original and persuasive essay.


Write in Advance

To enjoy your essay writing assignment, you need to get down on it in advance. Working on your essay in advance gives you a chance to do your research well without worrying about the deadline. You will minimize your chances of writing a low-quality essay due to time constraints. The best part is that you will complete your essay on time.


Get Your Friends Feedback

After you are done with the writing, share it with your friends. The feedback will inform you whether you are getting it right or not. On the other hand, your essay might help some of them to upgrade their skills in academic writing.


Add Final Touch

Re-read your essay one more time to find out if everything is okay. There might be something that you didn’t come across while proofreading. It can be something you need to add or you don’t need in your essay. To avoid a mistake that can be avoided, it is advisable to go through your work before submission.


Essay writing is a headache and tiresome to many students. However, you can learn how to write your essay with ease from professionals and reputable writing services. In fact, if you follow the tips explained above, you are guaranteed to write an original and a high ranked essay.


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