Top 8 Best Japanese Scissors

Are you looking for a new pair of scissors for yourself? Or perhaps you are starting a haircutting business? In each case, you have to think about getting the right equipment to get the job done.

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Japanese scissors should be the answer you are looking for. Some could even say that without a set of the best Japanese steel scissors, one should not call themselves a professional hairdresser.

However, there is a large market for Japanese scissors. You will have to choose the best ones for you. How to do it? This article might be of help.

In the next few paragraphs, we will discuss the pros of Japanese scissors. Here are our top eight picks for scissors made in Japan.


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1. Yasaka Offset Haircutting Shears

The world-famous Yasaka brand is usually placed at the top of best scissors rankings. Their Yasaka shears have been praised by many for their high quality and sharpness.

This particular model can be found in many sizes. However, the most popular versions are 5-inch and 6-inch ones. If you are looking for premium quality hairdressing scissors made in Japan, this should be your first choice.


2. Fuji More Z GGF

Another model designed for hair cutting, Fuji More Z GGF, can create a professional hairdresser out of almost everyone. Its blades are produced from Japanese stainless steel and, as such, cut unlike anything else. Its steel guarantees that its blades can maintain a superior sharp cutting edge for very long.

Its design establishes it as a perfect choice for anyone who has to use scissors for long hours. Moreover, its lightweight construction does not tire the hand of the barber. These pros make these shears the proper choice for the hairdressers continually suffering from elbow and finger pain.


3. Kamisori Sword Barber Scissors

These barber shears are one of the most recognised Japanese shears that use a 3D convex edge blade. Its 440c Japanese steel ensures a high-quality product. Its offset handle is another plus, as it leads to a more natural hand position while cutting.

Another great thing about these hair cutting scissors is that they have a long blade (reaching 7.5 inches) with a sharp edge. And their lifetime warranty is another nice bonus worth noting.


4. Yamato Royal

The name of these Japanese hair scissors tells it all. If you are looking for a premium cutting set of Japanese scissors, think about choosing this one. Their unique “mountain” blades, made with strong Japanese steel, provide hardness and stay sharp for a long time.

Their type 340 steel handle is another plus. If you do not want your fingers to suffer while cutting hair, you should choose this model. Picking these will be money well spent.


5. Juntetsu Offset Haircutting Scissors

These scissors provide a modest and straightforward design. Their convex blade has a very sharp edge, and they use premium Japanese steel.

They are also one of the most affordable pairs available in the United States. These shears are an excellent choice for every starting barber and hairdresser.


6. Yasaka Long Blade Barber Shears

Another model of Yasaka shears joins our list. In this case, we are dealing with a blade that has 7 inches in length. Some even argue that this model is the best at this length. After all, Yasaka blades tend to have that reputation.

Its blade has a convex edge and provides a smooth cutting experience. Additionally, its premium ATS314 cobalt steel guarantees hardness. Professional hairdressers who are working hours on end will also appreciate its offset handle design. All these things put together explain why this Yasaka model is held in such high regard.


7. Ichiro Offset Cutting and Thinning Scissors Set

No professional haircutting salon can be without proper Japanese thinning scissors. Ichiro provides the best in this category.

This set will provide you with a pair of scissors of perfect quality. Their blades are made with 440c steel. What is more, their ergonomic design can be considered as the best of all. The cutting scissors are sharp, and the thinning scissors cut with unparalleled precision.


8. Mina Umi Haircutting Scissors

These cutting scissors will be perfect for all hairdressing aficionados. They provide a convex edge and a high-quality finish. What is more, they use stainless steel.

With the lifetime warranty, you can also be sure that you are getting a good deal. If you are looking for an affordable set of scissors, make sure to grab this model.


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As you can see, Japanese scissors and shears come in many shapes and sizes. Try not to be put off by the sheer volume of possibilities. Make a choice that will be good for you.

Whether you are thinking about a professional hairdressing career or you like to cut your hair yourself, remember this. The best Japanese shears will not suddenly change you into a great hairdresser. However, they can certainly help.

Look for the best offer available. Check if the scissors have been made with Japanese steel if that is your primary concern. Pick the scissors set that you think will improve the quality of your hairdressing. Be passionate, cut hair, and have fun!



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