How to Take Care of Your Natural Hair and Boost Its Health

The idea of having natural hair is growing on more and more women as they discover the benefits that come with such a choice. They are steadily shying away from relaxers and texturizers when styling their hair and embracing what comes naturally. No matter your background or hair, we are all for it.

However, even as these milestones are met, more women are getting their priorities all wrong. They mostly focus on growing long hair that they get disappointed and frustrated when it doesn’t happen. The best thing to do is to focus on maintaining great hair health. This will, in turn, give way to longer and stronger hair.

When it comes to taking care of your hair, here are a few things you need to do;

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Improve Your Diet

Having healthy hair starts from within. Focus on having a balanced diet with all the necessary ingredients that are needed for your body. These ingredients are what improve your hair health and keep it strong. Foods rich in protein like eggs will help improve your scalp health tremendously.

Omega 3 fatty acids should also be a feature in your diet. Include things like Salmon, yoghurt, flax seeds, or omega supplements to make sure your intake is on point. These Omega 3 fatty acids will help stimulate hair follicles and improve your scalp health.

It would help if you also kept an eye out for deficiencies that could deter your hair growth. One of them being zinc deficiency. It can result in the shedding of your hair. To supplement your zinc intake, consider including vegetables, fruits, and nuts in all your meals. 


Use the Right Products

When it comes to finding the right products for your hair, you need to know your hair type. Use the resources available to help you determine which category your hair lies. Once you have your hair type in mind, focus on getting products that cater to you.

Most hairdressing product manufacturers include all the ingredients they use on their packaging. It is important to have a look at what they use and search for the names to understand what they are. This will ensure that you get products that will nourish your hair.

It is also important to examine which problems you are currently experiencing with your hair. You’ll be in a better position to get products that address your specific problem. Ignoring this would lead to you getting products that worsen any hair issues you have. 


Develop a hair care routine

You’ve probably heard about people having a wash day either after a few days or weeks. This is a practice that you also need to adapt to make sure that you keep up with cleanliness.

To maintain health, you need to clean your hair often to remove any dirt that may be clogging the pores on your scalp. You should also concentrate on your hair shaft to make sure all the oil is out, and the hair is clean.

When using shampoo, your hair might feel dry. This is why you need to incorporate conditioners, deep conditioners, and hair masks to help repair and restore moisture to your hair.

Avoid using steaming hot water because it will leave your hair dry and brittle. Instead, use warm water and rinse your hair with cold water to seal your hair cuticles.

Developing a routine will help you take time out for your hair and not have it feel like a chore. 


Be Gentle With Your Hair

How you handle your hair plays a big part in its health and how it grows. This is why you need to observe a gentle approach when it comes to your hair. From your products to your practices, everything has to be gentle.

When it comes to products, you need to avoid harsh ingredients that strip your hair of all its oils. These ingredients include sulfates, parabens, mineral oils, and silicones.

Develop the habit of detangling your hair using your fingers going from end to root. This will help you avoid any hair breakage.

Also, when drying your hair, avoid using a towel to rub your hair. Instead, get a microfibre cloth or an old t-shirt and use that to pat your hair dry. 


Moisturize and Protect Your Hair

Moisturized hair will always result in healthy, strong hair. Using oils and creams to moisturize and seal it in will ensure that you don’t suffer from hair breakage. Invest in natural oils like olive and almond oil that will provide both your hair and scalp with amazing benefits.

To further ensure the moisture is sealed in, you should consider protective styling. Protective styling is where your ends are tucked away, and your hair is not exposed to any damage.

You could put your hair in a bun or have braids installed. Whatever you choose to do, be sure to avoid making it too tight. You should also embrace silk pillowcases, or head wraps to protect your hair while sleeping.


Taking care of your natural hair is something manageable provided you stick to keeping it clean and moisturized appropriately. Be careful about the products you use and always consider how well you handle your hair. 

Take note of the fact that the price of a product does not guarantee you quality. If you find that something doesn’t work for you, consider getting something different and try that out. 



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