Things to Do in a Canadian Winter

Winter in Canada is like nowhere else in the world.  The season coats most of the country in a beautiful blanket of snow that seems to bring us closer together.  If you’re new to these winters and you aren’t sure what you can do during these darker months, here are some ideas!  Just remember to keep warm with a good drink and some great company.

Photo by Julia Filirovska


Learn A Winter Sport

There are endless winter sports in Canada; it’s why the country holds its own in the Winter Olympics every time they come around.  Whether you’re considering Whistler real estate, a visit to Toronto or an adventure at Mont Tremblant there’s a sport you can enjoy.  Hockey may be an obvious choice, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only choice!  Parks like Banff offer skiing, snowboarding, and sledding that you can start from any level.  Pick out something that sounds fun to you, buy enough gear to keep you warm and safe, and then enjoy the slopes!


Skate For Fun

Enjoy one of the thousands of natural ice skating outdoor rinks in Canada.  Often smoothed down enough to let your skates glide across them, these natural rinks will make you feel like you’ve been transported into a snow globe.  A popular date location for young couples, ice skating rinks can be a place to show off your skills- or an excuse to hold someone you love tight.


Try Some Icy Treats

There are tons of treats that are only available once the first snowfall has hit.  One of these special treats is maple syrup candy. Purchased in a Sugar Shack or Cabane a Sucre, these treats are straightforward.  Maple syrup, the pure and natural kind is poured over a popsicle stick on snow.  When it solidifies, it creates a taffy texture that’s fun to chew and lick.  

Maple syrup is about as Canadian as you get!


Curl Up Next To A Warm Fire

The best part about cold weather is warming up.  Enjoy a chilly day by curling up next to a roaring fire and taking in a hot mug of coffee or hot chocolate.  You can nap away the afternoon, or enjoy a fantastic book from a local writer, and rest knowing you’re safe from the cold.


Go Sightseeing

Get out and enjoy the beauty that is Canada in winter!  Canadian winters are incredible because of how gorgeous the land is.  From snow-covered mountains that can take your breath away to valleys and rivers iced and snowed over, there’s a lot to take in.  Bring a camera and take some memories home with you – you’ll never see winter as beautiful as one in Canada.


Try Ice Fishing

Ice fishing has been gaining popularity again because of its relatively cheap and easy nature.  All you need is someone to drill the hole into the ice, which many lakes will do for you and a couple of fishing poles.  You can enjoy the cold area with a nice beer, some good friends, and hopefully some fish on the line!


With just a few weeks to go until winter officially begins, it’s time to plan what you and your circle will do to keep the blues at bay as the snow start to fall. Ready, set, go!


Mark Munroe is the Creator and EIC of ADDICTED. He's ADDICTED to great travel, amazing food, better grooming & probably a whole lot more!