The Trilogy: Ricky Martin, Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias.

During Latin American Heritage Month, three legends of Latin pop music, Ricky Martin, Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias, joined forces for the first time and brought the party to a sold-out show at Scotiabank Arena. The Hispanic trio brought an energetic group of bands and dancers that joined them on an unusual split headliner show. Set lists of 13 to 15 songs, including the artists’ most iconic hits, were performend and kept the diverse audience dancing and partying for almost four hours.

The show began with Ricky Martin, who wore baggy black pants and a black shirt that would fall off later on to expose his tattooed arms. As soon as the Puerto Rican singer appeared on stage, the crowd jumped out of their seats at the sound of songs like Pégate and Mariawhich signalled that the party had just started. Joined by a nine-person band and a group of seven Latin dancers, Ricky Martin unleashed a thrilling performance that proved once again his versatility as a singer and dancer. The Latin singer’s set list was full of hyped songs, but it didn’t stop the singer from adding a few ballads and acoustic songs, like Tu Recuerdo and Vuelve.


After Ricky Martin’s keen performance, Mr. Worldwide, Cuban rapper Pitbull, took over the stage with a set with assorted themes on screen that kept changing with every song. Pitbull came on stage wearing his signature attire—a black suit and shades. Nonetheless, the rapper wasn’t the only one wearing that outfit that night since at least a third of the people in Scotiabank Arena were dressed up like the rapper, wearing bald wigs and shades. Pitbull and his band of six and the same number of dancers, opened the set with the song Don’t Stop the Party with a South Beach theme on stage. He then proceeded with the song Hey Baby (Drop It to the Floor), then followed by one of his biggest hits, Hotel Room Service (showcasing a hotel theme on stage). Armando Christian Perez, aka Pitbull, is not only a master of partying but also a master of entertainment since he kept the audience hyped for an hour, jumping and dancing to the rhythm of his party anthems.

At 10 p.m., it was time for the final act. Like Pitbull, Enrique Iglesias appeared onstage amid a haze of smoke and coloured lasers in his classic performing outfit—black parachute pants, a black shirt, and a classic baseball cap. The set opened with Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You). Like that of fellow artist Ricky Martin, Iglesias’ set was a mix of moods. He sang his Latin party anthems and a few of his most iconic Spanish ballads, like Cuando me Enamoro and Loco, on a secondary stage lit with floating candles. Unlike Martin and Pitbull, Iglesias had the main and second stages joined by a runway that allowed him to run back and forth and interact with the fans in the arena. At the end of his set, the Spanish singer closed the night with his 2014 hit Bailando as white balloons bearing his initials were released across the Scotiabank Arena.

One standout about this show, it’s that the audience that gathered that night differed from the usual audience you see at Scotiabank Arena. First, there was the subject of how people dressed to see the trio: Suits, shiny dresses, and bald wigs could be seen across the seats of the arena. Second, The Trilogy Tour brought more than just the Latin community together. Although this was the dominant audience, the three also attracted people from different backgrounds. They travelled from across the province to witness these iconic Hispanic singers, who always send the audience home more than fulfilled after a party night.