The Most Effective Ways to Improve Your Study Skills

If someone learns faster, is more responsive to questions, digests the information quicker, and remembers it longer than you, don’t let that get to you. The edge that they have over you is most probably acquired, not innate. Yes, it can merely be their better study skills that you can also develop by following the study tips I will share in this post.


Find a Comfortable Place to Study

You need to focus on absorbing the information and knowledge that you come across while studying. Given this, the first thing you must learn as to how to focus on studying. A noisy environment can lead to annoying distractions, making it challenging for you to retain your focus. This issue is more irritable when you have to swallow a bitter pill – a lesson from your most hated subject.

Similarly, if your place is cluttered or lacks proper seating arrangement, it can take a toll on your mood. Therefore, find a place that fosters peace of mind and allows you to focus on your studies.


Take Notes

Take notes whenever you are reading a chapter or listening to a lecture. Your notes are like your checkpoints on a journey as you acquire information or illustrate an idea. Each record must be a gateway to a whole idea or a specific identical piece of information. I would never recommend cramming bulky information, but memorizing the notes is different. For example, if you have noted down the headings before producing an essay, your notes will enable you to not only to maintain the flow but also to interweave the ideas into a logical sequence. Similarly, writing down key points while listening to a lecture will help you learn it faster and remember it much longer.


Regular Breaks are Important

Remember, studying is not like a sprint where you have to run from one point and keep running until you finish gasping for air. Resist the temptation of being ahead of your study schedule because it can lead you to cheat yourself. You may take pleasure in finishing a chapter faster than expected, allowing you more free time, but once speeding through your studies becomes a habit, you may find it harder to stick to your schedule.

Breaks allow you to recharge yourself and keep going while maintaining a comfortable pace; taking regular breaks is far more productive. If you try to finish your studies all in one go, you’ll likely have a shorter attention span and quickly lose interest.



Avoid your Phone and Social Networks

If you want to improve your study skills, try to develop proper study habits. I would highly recommend you stay away from your phone or social media platforms. Using a phone at the same time as studying will divide your attention.

Be sincere in your studies; it will be rewarding.


Ask a Lot of Questions

Introverted behaviour can be a big hurdle on your way to finding an effective method of learning. You may be an excellent listener, but don’t dare ask for an explanation when you fail to understand something. Don’t let this habit mess with your abilities. Ask as many questions as you like. Asking a question does not make you look ignorant, but it is a way to feed your curiosity, which is always at the bottom of every significant discovery. The habit of asking questions will enable you to understand every new piece of information in greater detail and connect it to what you have already learned. You can also better reflect on your learning if you ask your peers, lecturers, and yourself questions. Asking these questions can help you:


  • Understand the information quicker
  • Discover more detailed information
  • Look at the core of an idea
  • Being able to learn proactively


Don’t lead yourself and your teachers astray by saying that “all is well” when you are struggling. You can ask for help. Remember, failing or struggling is not an issue. It becomes cancerous when you fail to identify what is behind your failures. If you ask for help, you may find others to pinpoint your problems. Once you are precisely aware of your deficiencies, you can direct your efforts to overcome each, which is way better than trying to find your way in a dark jungle. If you are stuck with a writing assignment and fear that it might finish you before you finish it, you may need to enlist some assistance.


Remember, it takes time to build practical study skills and habits. You may find it challenging initially, but once you’ve fined tuned your habits, you’ll be a study master. 



Mark Munroe is the Creator and EIC of ADDICTED. He's ADDICTED to great travel, amazing food, better grooming & probably a whole lot more!