The Great Reset: Reinventing Life Through Relocation

Moving is a practice that has existed for centuries as a way of bettering one’s life and finding better opportunities. Today, it’s fairly common for families to pick up and move, especially because technological advances have made it easier to travel. However, the reasons behind why people are relocating have somewhat shifted in recent years. 

Guest post by Katie Brenneman.


While many still relocate for better work and education opportunities, two of the primary reasons that seem to be driving families to pick up and reset their lives today are climate change and the cost of living.

In this article, we will take a closer look at why climate change and rising costs are causing families to move. We’ll also offer insights into the benefits of relocating and tips to help you better navigate a relocation with your family.


Why Families Are Relocating

Many families seek to relocate to pursue happiness and new opportunities in new places. However, climate change has become a major influence on relocation and where people are choosing to live. Families are starting to relocate at much higher rates with changing temperatures and more frequent natural disasters, such as flooding, wildfires, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

In addition to climate change driving relocation, families are also making cross-country moves to seek affordability and improved opportunities. While families leaving big cities for a more easygoing way of life in smaller towns is nothing new, recent reports show that this trend is increasing as the cost of living in major cities is getting out of hand.

A recent report from the Economic Innovation Group shows that major urban cities on the West Coast and Mid-Atlantic are losing families with younger children at a much faster rate than they are losing other population groups. From 2020 to 2021, the under-five population in these areas dropped by more than 235,000, and from 2021 to 2022, it fell by another 106,000.

While some of these moves are occurring as a result of a destabilization of the labor market during the pandemic, the report concludes that cost of living concerns are a driving factor.


How Relocating Can Benefit Your Family

No matter the reason for relocating, whether it’s for job opportunities, a better way of life, reduced costs, or escaping climate disasters, numerous benefits can come from moving somewhere new with your family. 

1. New Perspective

Moving to a new place can offer you and your family a new perspective on life. Sometimes you just need a big change to shake things up and change your outlook. This can help you feel refreshed and give you and your family a new positive way of seeing things. For example, moving can force you to step outside your comfort zone and open you up to new perspectives that you might not have ever considered before. 

2. Personal Growth

Of course, when you are forced out of your comfort zone, it can also lead to immense personal growth. Relocating offers you and your family the opportunity to leave past struggles behind and set new goals for yourselves as a way of resetting your life. It’s a chance to learn more about yourselves such as your strengths and weaknesses, which can increase your self-awareness and drive you toward more positive change. 

3. Strengthen Family Bonds

As moving is a collaborative effort, relocating can also help you strengthen your family bonds. Relocating can be stressful, but it is in the face of challenges that we learn how to succeed by coming together to support one another.

You can also use moving to a new city as a way of spending more time together. Go out and explore your new neighborhood and plan fun outings to discover local hotspots and entertainment. Sharing these experiences can help bring your family closer together.

4. Cultural Learning

In addition to learning more about yourself, relocating can also teach you about other people and cultures. Being exposed to more diverse perspectives is important for personal growth in both adults and children.

Moving somewhere new can open your family’s minds to new perspectives, which can break down barriers and foster open-mindedness. You can learn new languages, try new foods, experience new customs, and overall have a greater understanding of the world and those in it. 

5. Improved Mental Health

Relocating can also have positive benefits on your mental health. Change is important to mental health for many of the reasons already listed, such as forcing you to change your way of thinking and experience personal growth.

Some people get stuck in a rut, which can negatively impact their mental health. When you move, it shakes things up and can give you and your family the boost you need to make more positive changes.  Experiencing a new environment can also be exciting, which can help increase happiness levels.


Moving Tips to Help Your Family Relocate With Ease

Though relocating your family might ultimately be for the best, that doesn’t necessarily make the moving process any easier. So if you are planning a move, we’ve got some tips to help make your cross-country move go smoother

  • Create a schedule and to-do list: To help keep things organized and ensure everyone stays focused and on-task, it can help to make a packing schedule leading up to the move date. You can also make a list of everything that needs to get done and when. 
  • Declutter and downsize: To reduce how much stuff you have to pack and travel with, consider going through your home room by room and getting rid of all the clutter and things that you no longer need. Relocating is a great opportunity to start over with a clean slate, which can include learning how to live with less and become more organized. 
  • Hire moving experts: If you are moving far, it’s worth hiring a reliable and professional moving company. They can take care of a lot of the moving tasks for you and ensure your belongings are kept safe and delivered to your new location without any issues. 
  • Set an overnight box or two aside: It’s helpful to have one or two boxes of essentials set aside for easy access upon arrival. The last thing you want is to go digging through all of the boxes when you get to your new home in search of things you need right away. This can include things such as bedding, important documents, change of clothes, hygiene products, some snack items, and anything else that you think you might want or need access to immediately after you arrive. 


These tips are especially helpful if you are moving with kids. If you are trying to manage your children while also preparing to move, things can get a little chaotic, so it’s important to be as organized as possible. You can also get your kids to help out. This will keep them busy and make them feel more included in the process, which can ease any anxiety or fear they might be experiencing about moving somewhere new.


Relocating your family can bring many new and exciting opportunities that can help you lead more fulfilling lives. No matter the reason for the move, if you keep an open mind and work together to support one another, you will likely find that you are happier and better off for it. Just remember to keep things organized and start your planning as early as possible to help make the transition to a new home go as smoothly as possible.



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