TESTED: The Dual Charging Stone

Over the last few years, wireless chargers have become very popular, and it’s no surprise why. Convenient, quick, and best of all, instead of random codes all over, you can have a stylish charger that better fits with your home’s aesthetic, and one of my favourite chargers comes in two options, the Einova Charging Stone and the focus of this review, the Dual Charging Stone.




When it arrived, I immediately opened the package, took a look, loved what I saw, and quickly plugged it in and started charging.

The Dual Charging Stone looks fantastic and is the perfect addition to any room, but not only that, this charger works so well. Whether you’re charging your iPhone, google pixel or phone of your choice (that works with a wireless charger), it charges quickly and easily, and unlike many chargers on the market, this one is of the highest quality.

Many chargers we tested along the way broke, didn’t work or were just made of plastic, and while that may be ok if it works, we wanted to find and test something that will not only look great, which it does, but it will also last.



So often, we run through tech endlessly as we update. It breaks or becomes redundant, it is great to focus on buying properly made products to last, and this sturdy stone charger will do just that.

The Dual Charging Stone offers:

  • 100% genuine natural stone, available in a wide selection of materials and finishes.
  • Qi-certified with patented 10W wireless charging technology, compatible with iPhone 12.
  • Minimalist and intuitive to use. Designed in Italy



My favourite part of this model is that you can charge two devices simultaneously. Two phones, a phone and earbuds, the choice is yours. I have one in my office, and it’s been so handy, and I love the way it looks in the space.


So, if you’re looking for a beautiful wireless charging stone, the Einova Dual Charging stone may be the perfect choice for you.



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