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I’ve loved cooking since I was a teenager, but I never spent much time baking until the pandemic. Forced with limited choices and ever-changing store openings and closures, I decided I’d put some energy into cultivating some decent baking skills.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve really started to get into baking, including a wide range of sweets and treats, and enjoying every moment of it, well, most.

So when I heard that Our Place, makers of The Always Pan, had released an ovenware set, I just had to test it out for myself.

So what’s in the set? Five easy pieces that’ll change the way you cook in your oven. The set includes an ultra-versatile Oven Pan for baking and roasting that works as a stovetop griddle, the Bakers, a trio of stoneware baking dishes, and a nontoxic, reusable, reusable Oven Mat, which is a real game changer.



Sheet pan, cookie sheet, griddle, roasting pan, loaf pan, lasagna pan, baking dish, casserole dish, and best of all, single-use parchment paper, which means less waste when cooking and baking.


Bake, roast, crisp, braise, sear, heat, serve…to name a few!



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From the perfect banana bread made in the small baker to fresh and flaky bread in the mid-sized dish to deep and delicious peanut butter chunk brownies made in the large dish, this set not only allows you to make a huge array of delicious desserts, but they also work well to make mains or sides for any meal.

  • Main Bake (perfect for main dishes and dinner parties):
  • 34.67 cm. (with handles) x 21.36 cm. x 9.68 cm.; 1.84 kg.; 3.5 L capacity
  • Side Bake (perfect for side dishes or smaller casseroles):
  • 28.321 cm. (with handles) x 16.46 cm. x 9.68 cm.; 1.108 kg.; 2 L capacity
  • Loaf Pan (perfect for most standard bread recipes):
  • 28.72 cm. (with handles) x 13.28 cm. x 9.68 cm.; 0.95 kg.; 1.5 L capacity
  • Strong, chip-resistant sturdy stoneware with a glossy exterior glaze and a shiny, ceramic interior glaze that acts as a naturally nonstick surface
  • Ergonomic side handles are easy to grip (be sure to use oven mitts as the Bakers can get hot!)
  • The Bakers were designed to nest neatly within the Oven Pan; just remember to line with the Oven Mat when storing to prevent scratches



Does the oven pan make amazing cookies, desserts and confections? Yes! Does it also allow you to make possibly the most succulent and sumptuous meatballs? Yes, it does that too.

  • 53 cm. (with handle) x 30 cm. x 4.6 cm.; 2.05 kg.; 5 L capacity
  • Exclusive nontoxic, nonstick ceramic coating made without potentially toxic materials like PFOAs, PTFEs, other PFAS, lead, cadmium, toxic metals, and nanoparticles
  • Ergonomic side handles are easy to grip and roomy enough to use with oven mitts (or the Hot Grips!)
  • Deep enough to capture liquids and bake cakes, while the unique curvature of walls are designed for optimal airflow (a.k.a. crisping!)

This over pan has become a go-to in my kitchen, and not only is it a game changer for making most things, but it’s also super easy to clean.

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I’m obsessed with the our place oven mat. Non-stick works like a dream and is oh-so easy to clean, the silicone mat replaces parchment paper and oil, and it’s not just great for desserts. It works perfectly with my mouthwatering meatballs too.


  • 27.43 cm. x 41.7 cm. x 0.1 cm.; 2.54 cm. x 2.54 cm. squares; 0.136 kg.
  • Made of matte silicone that’s easy to clean and acts as an effective nonstick surface
  • One-inch checker pattern can be used to measure dough — just no sharp tools, please


So, if you need to update your ovenware or are buying some for the first time, I suggest you check out the top-notch set from Our Place.


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