TESTED: Bold by Nature Dog Food

For those of you following along, you know that I adopted a rescue dog named Mantar, and for those that don’t, now you do. This past January, my partner and I took Manny in as a rescue, and when asked if we wanted to keep him, we had to say yes.

Mantar, aka Manny, is fun-loving, curious, energetic. He loves to chase squirrels and chipmunks. He is always up for a walk, he’s a huge cuddler, and loves his dog food.



Since we took Manny in, he’s not been too picky with his food, which is excellent, but he’s not responded well to several of the dog food selections we’ve given him. So, like any good parent, we’ve been testing to see what works best for him, his nutritional needs, and what he might love best.

That search most recently led us to Bold by Nature.



Bold by Nature products are hand-crafted in a 24,000 square foot state-of-the-art production facility in Erin, Ontario, and shipped in temperature-controlled transport from coast to coast across Canada.

For Bold by Nature, nothing is more important than what they put into their recipes. No fine print, just nutritional formulas, which is why we had to put Bold to the test, well, with Manny’s help, that is.

Bold by Nature offers their raw Select Dog Line; their original recipe provides blends made with their signature green beef tripe, ground meat, triple ground bone, and organ meats.  Their Mega Dog line comprises of ground meat, ground bone and organ meats, a fresh vegetable medley, and kelp.

Flavours come in Beef, Chicken, Turkey, Pork and many other selections.



Bold by Nature Dog Food offers:

  • HUMAN GRADE INGREDIENTS – They only serve produce and meats they’d feed themselves.
  • MADE WITHOUT ADDED PROCESSING – Bold by Nature patties contain wholesome ingredients, meaning no added fillers or artificial flavour.

  • WHOLESOME INGREDIENTS – The majority of the listed ingredients are carefully sourced from local Canadian farmers and suppliers.

  • EXPERT INSPECTIONS – They carefully manage and track every ingredient to ensure traceability and transparency.

  • HIGHEST QUALITY OF CONTROL  – Their team ensure food safety protocols and procedures are followed from the time they make it right up until it gets to your front door.


For us, we love Bold, and so does Manny. At every single meal, he gobbled it down as if he’d never eaten before, and that wasn’t the only reason we all loved it.

The food comes in patty form (as shown above), and thus it’s perfect for storing frozen. It’s also just as convenient to serve (just thaw, open, drop-in and mix up a little) and is much easier and cleaner than some of the other offerings on the market. For Manny, we think the winner was the Bold by Nature Mega Beef, but it’s hard to tell since he can’t write the review for us.

Not only does Bold offer outstanding dog food, but they also have some great Beef Marrow Bones (manny lost his mind) and Chicken Necks (Manny no longer wants dry treats), so all in all, he was a massive fan of these selections as well.



Over weeks of testing a range of raw dog food and treats, we put our stamp of approval on Bold by Nature and their fantastic line. After our full review, it’s easy to see why Bold by Nature makes the perfect choice to keep your dog healthy, happy and excited at every meal, well, if your dog is anything like Manny.



Mark Munroe is the Creator and EIC of ADDICTED. He's ADDICTED to great travel, amazing food, better grooming & probably a whole lot more!