Tech cleaning made easy with PurePort and AirSquares

It’s that time of year. The sun is shining, the air is still crisp, but there’s that knowing feeling that spring is on its way.

While I’m ready for winter to be over, after a big move, I’m prepared for a major clean, and that includes cleaning my tech.

You might not think about it too often, but your personal tech, earbuds, laptop, computer all need regular cleaning to run correctly, and while most of us may not be doing that as often as we should, while we are in spring mode, it’s the perfect time to tackle your tech.

Now there are two products I’ve recently come to depend on to properly clean my devices, PurePort and AirSquares.

PurePort is a great multi-purpose tool available on Amazon that allows you to properly clean ports, cords, charged plugs, and much more.

Not only does the PurePort tool come with the necessary cleaning solution, but it also comes with a sample of AirSquares, buffer cloth, and so much more to give you all the tools you need to do the perfect job in cleaning the gunk, dust, and grime that somehow find it’s way into the smallest spaces.


Here’s How:


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Pureport offers Port Pick, port brush, and port wipe to fully clean out your phone or computer, along with cable wipe, cable abrasive, a speaker and switch brush, the connectivity solution and a microfiber cloth. The combo allows you to clean USB ports, apple plugs, android, really, any tech you want to clean with this, you can. We cleaned two iPhones, a Samsung, and several laptops with ease, and the only thing left is what to do about our earbuds.

Not only have I found PurePort super helpful, but I’ve also really found great results using AirSquares. Made for cleaning for earbuds or AirPods, this tacky clay-like substance does the trick every time in cleaning out for earbuds for ultimate listening pleasure.


Here’s how:


@themaleaddict #ad How do you clean earbuds? This is how I do it, with @airsquares ..hope this helps you! ✌️ #AirSquaresPutty ♬ Happy moving pop(1009227) – MyFutureMusic

It’s so simple. Just break off a square, carefully mash it into your earbud, and watch the gunk come back along with it.


So, if you’re like me and watch to include tech in my spring cleaning this year, make sure to pick up a Pureport and some AirSquares. You’ll be glad you did.


*This is a sponsored post. Products provided for review.



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