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8 Great Fall Destinations in the USA

Autumn trips aren’t always about seeing fall foliage. Fall vacations are also a great chance to visit places that are normally crowded in summer or places that offer a lot of fun seasonal activities. From big cities to the great…

The Best Destinations for Luxury LGBTQIA+ Travel

When planning an LGBTQIA+ holiday, one of the challenges is determining what destinations are safe to visit. While you can never guarantee safety, you can certainly take precautions and look for places that welcome the LGBTQIA+ community with open arms….

World’s Most Beautiful Waterfalls Accessible by Road Trip

I’ve always disagreed with TLC, I think you should go chasing waterfalls, and that’s precisely what I have done time and time again, and it is no surprise why. Waterfalls often captivate travellers with their raw power and natural beauty….

How to Travel Often on a Budget

Travelling is an enriching experience that broadens your horizons and deepens your understanding of the world. However, the cost of travel can often be a deterrent for many people. This guide will provide you with strategies to travel often, even…

Review – The Intercontinental Madrid

Recently I had the pleasure of travelling throughout the north of Spain.  I found myself enraptured by the smaller cities filled with history, and the rolling hills of Verdejo wine country.  However, when my journey came to an end, I…