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How Your Mattress Could Negatively Affect Your Health

A good night’s sleep is vital for your well-being. It’s conducive to maintaining happiness and good health. Many people understand good sleep’s role in their well-being and are willing to splurge on a mattress that will facilitate quality sleep. Over 90%…

TESTED: The Apollo Mattress by GoodMorning.com

If someone would have asked me 15 years ago whether a great night of sleep ranked near the top of my list for my life’s must-haves, I would have laughed, stayed up late and had another mediocre night of sleep….

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Find the Right Mattress For Your Sleeping Position

There is never a one size fits all solution to our needs. Take sleeping, for instance. It seems like a mattress is just a mattress as long as it’s comfortable, but finding the right mattress for your sleep position is…

What goes into your mattress

For most people, a comfortable mattress in the size they like is a good enough reason to say they have a great mattress. However, as a consumer, you also have the right to know what goes into the mattress you…