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Wilco’s Tour Opening Show Closes The Summer Concert Season

One sure signal that summer is done, despite what Mother Nature may show, is the final outdoor concert of the season. As you hold onto lingering memories of sweating it out during sunshine-blasted shows, the reality that inevitably a blanket…

Live Music Friday – Florence + the Machine

From the moment Florence + the Machine entered the arena, a wave of awe and disbelief could be felt, even from long-time fans who had mentioned to me they had seen her many times before. The beautifully expansive biomorphic wooden…

Live Music Wednesday – Childish Gambino at Scotiabank Arena

Donald Glover a.k.a Childish Gambino brought soul and fury to Scotiabank Arena. “Hey Toronto. This is a church.” declared the actor-rapper-singer at one point during the evening, “If you ain’t here to move, then get the hell out!” Move they did….

Live Music Friday – Niall Horan at Bud Stage

“What a beautiful bunch of singers” professed Irish pop star Niall Horan, addressing the crowd chanting along to Fool’s Gold, a fan-favourite from his One Direction period. By all accounts, those days are all but gone. Or so it seemed….