Switch It Up: Change Your Life For The Better

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut? If so, it might be time to make a change. However, it may seem easier said than done, but by focusing on love, life, family, career, and health, you can change your entire existence.

Is your overbearing boss making you unhappy? Do you have a wanderlust itch that needs scratching? Or are you fed up with being in the red at the end of every month? If so, then it might just be time to switch it up and change your life for the better.




Forget about going through the motions every day, waking up in the morning dreading work and suffering through another arduous commute. You need to consider where you see yourself in five years. Do you want to be running your own business? Do you want to seek out a promotion? Or do you want to continue feeling unchallenged and unsatisfied? Whip out your laptop and take a look at some jobs that may bring you more joy, less stress or even both.

While you might dismiss some positions because you don’t have the necessary qualifications and continue working as you are, you need to seek out professional development opportunities to improve your resume. Consider doing an MBA, go to an evening class at college and gain a new qualification.



Not feelings quite yourself lately? If you are feeling down because of your weight, the way you feel, or your energy levels, you might need to do something about it if, and only if, you aren’t feeling as good as you should. Change up your diet, eat more fruit and vegetables and cut out excessive sugars and starchy carbs. By putting the proper nutrients into your body, you will find yourself feeling better. Couple this with a renewed gym membership, some martial arts lessons and a jog around the park, and you’ll begin to feel better day by day.

Now here’s the deal, don’t focus on the numbers or the calories. Focus more on moderation in all forms and focus on how you feel. If something makes you feel better, then do it. Whether it’s a nice walk, a good stretch, or an engaging workout, you do what works best for you. That’s what will stick.



If you have a yearning to go travelling, immerse yourself in new cultures and meet new people, then it’s time to get back to hot-footing it once more. You may have enjoyed backpacking around Goa when you were younger or venturing to Thailand as a student. You can do this again. Perhaps you want to see the Northern Lights in Norway, maybe you want to trek the Inca Trail, or perhaps you want to head off on a road trip. Save up, get your finances in order, rent out your pad, and secure your visas. Travel is possible. Take a sabbatical and discover that happiness is much more important than wealth.

Just be aware of all COVID protocols and rules as you travel to other counties and back into your own.


Being stuck in a rut isn’t fun. However, you need to be proactive to find a way out. Follow this guide, learn as much as you can, make a plan, and hopefully, you can switch it up to change your life for the better.




Mark Munroe is the Creator and EIC of ADDICTED. He's ADDICTED to great travel, amazing food, better grooming & probably a whole lot more!