Stay Warm this Winter with Icebreaker

It probably comes as no surprise that living in Canada (in the winter) can be rather cold, which goes for most of the country. While some parts are significantly colder than others, winter in Canada is the time to bundle up from coast to coast.

So, each year as the winter settles and we layer on our winter gear, we quickly find out if that gear still stands up, but as any good Canadian will tell you, it’s all about starting with great gear, and that’s where Icebreaker comes in.

Icebreaker works with merino wool to create outwear, activewear and excellent casual wear that is not only over 90% natural fibre but offer fantastic warmth and incredible comfort.

Over the last two months, we put a selection of their collection through our rigorous testing, and the results are outstanding, so here are a few pieces we wanted to highlight to help keep you warm and feeling comfy and cozy all winter long.


The Base Layer

Suppose you’re anything like me, whether summer, fall, or winter, I always seem to be wearing a tee-shirt. In that case, the only difference is that I wear a thicker or warmer tee as my underlayer in the colder months and the men’s merino tech lite II short sleeve tee is a perfect choice.

The Tech Lite II Short Sleeve Tee provides stretch, comfort, breathability and odour resistance for just about any adventure you can think of, and it makes for the perfect first layer when bundling up for winter. Plus, you can wear it around inside once you take the layers off.


The Mid-Layer

When the days aren’t as cold, sometimes it is acceptable to go without a mid-layer. Still, as the weather drops to minus ten and below, I always make sure to wear a second layer under my coat and over my tee shirt and the merino quantum III long-sleeve zip hoodie is the perfect choice.

A slim-fit mid-layer that is ideal for technical mountain adventures like hiking and skiing, or just staying warm day-to-day, the Quantum III Long Sleeve Zip Hoodie helps regulate your body temperature.


For Your Hands

Great gloves are a must, especially for the dog owners of the world during winter, and I have to admit, I’m addicted to the unisex merino quantum gloves. Ultra-thin, yet oh so warm.

Made with soft, stretchy, and odour-resistant merino terry, the Quantum Gloves are midweight technical gloves featuring touchscreen fingertips for gloves-on phone use.

Made strong and to go the distance, these gloves will be your new go-to for many winters to come.


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For Your Head

My grandfather always used to say you release most of your body’s heat from your head. While I’m not an expert, I do know having a great beanie or tuque for winter is a must.

Combining a modern, relaxed fit with a sustainable blend of merino wool and organic cotton, the Feadan Slouch Beanie has comfort and style inspired by nature, and it’s a must for making it through the colder months.


For Your Body

Last but certainly not least, you must have a great winter coat. When I first tried this coat on, I figured it wouldn’t keep me warm because it’s relatively thin and not full length, but, I now admit, I was wrong. I’ve worn it out in minus 15 celsius, and it still stood the test after a long period outside with my dog, many times over.

The Collingwood Jacket features MerinoLoft™ insulation for frigid temperatures at home or away while lightweight and super comfortable.


So, if you’re looking to add some great new items to your collection this winter to keep you warm, dry and feeling your best as you frolic through the snowy weather, make sure to check out Icebreaker, my later addiction.


*Clothing provided by Icebreaker for this review. This feature contains affiliate links.



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