Smokey Eye Makeup Tips That Are Huge Right Now

There is nothing sexier or more glamorous than a smokey eye. It suits all eye shapes, colors, and skin tones. But for many, achieving the perfect level of smudged messiness without resembling a raccoon is a fine line they often cross.

Thankfully, 2023 sees beautiful alternatives to the traditional look that are easy to achieve for experts and beginners alike. From the trending reversed smokey eye to bold metallic shades, you will find yourself getting out all your Benefit Cosmetics staples in no time.


Reverse Smokey Eye

The traditional smokey eye involves using dark eyeshadows, typically in browns and blacks, applied to the eyelid and lash line, resulting in a sexy and dramatic eye look. In contrast, the reverse smokey eye brings light to the lids for an opposite but compelling finished look.

Start with a light or white pencil and smudge it along the top lash line and the inner corner of the eyes. Apply a beige, cream, or light grey eyeshadow, in either matte or shimmer, to the entire upper lid, blending the two products for a seamless transition. To add some depth, use your contour color in your crease and blend it up to your brow bone. Finish with a thin line of liquid liner and wispy false lashes. 


Slept-In Smokey Eye

The slept-in smokey eye is your smugy answer to the traditional smokey eye. It is the perfect combination of soft goth, intense grunge, and effortlessly chic, your ultimate 2023 makeup trend. While the overall finished look should be imperfect and smudged, there is still a trick to prevent it from turning into a raccoon mess.

To ensure you can easily smudge and blend your makeup, choose products with ingredients that are creamy and spreadable. Follow your usual steps when creating a typical smokey eye look, but use creamy eyeshadows and buttery liner pencils that can be blended and blurred with just your finger.

Use your finger to gently mudge the product to your desired level of slept-in messiness; no brushes needed. Finish your look with multiple layers of jet-black mascara, or go for ultimate drama with a pair of false lashes.


Metallic Smokey Eye

Metallic smokey eyes take all the best elements of the classic smokey eye and elevate it with bold pops of eye-catching metallic shades. You will be relying on the powers of deep burgundy, Aurora purple, shiny bronze pinks, and deep pewter blacks.

It may feel daunting to experiment and play with these bold shades, but the perfect combination will provide you with a blazing and demanding nighttime smokey-eye look. Follow your standard makeup routine, replacing your traditional brown and gray shadows with your color of choice. Finally, finish with a rich swipe of pink copper blush for a powerful and feminine look. The best news is metallic shades complement all eye colors, illuminating their natural beauty.


Helpful Tips

Smokey eye makeup is both sexy and daunting. It can look messy and ruin the rest of your makeup if not done correctly. But by following a few simple tips, you will be able to perfect the smokey look in no time. 

Do Your Eyes First

When creating a smokey eye, you will use dark shades that require plenty of blending. To avoid ruining your foundation and concealer, makeup experts recommend doing your eyes first. The fallout from applying the darker shadows will be easier to clean without ruining the rest of your face.

Use Primer on Your Lids

Applying primer to your lids before applying dark and bold colors will ensure the shadow powder stays put, allow the product to be applied more quickly, and help you blend the shades together more efficiently. If you don’t own a primer specifically made for your lids, use a brightening concealer to make your shadows pop. 

Blend & Blur to Hide Imperfections

To create a seamless blend of your chosen shades, use a fluffy blending brush to blur any harsh lines to create a more unified appearance. The traditional smokey eye is meant to have a slightly smudged look, done in such a way as to look undefined but not messy. 

Stay Close to the Lashes

To achieve the perfect smokey look, the key is to place the darkest shade closest to the lash line. By doing so, the darker ones draw attention to the eye makeup instead of the general face. As you move further up the lid, you can choose slightly lighter tones that perfectly blend up the eye.


Use Brown to Add Warmth

While there is nothing wrong with sticking with sultry black eyeshadow, using a dark brown shade will add warmth and dimension. To extend the drama and create a defined eye shape, line your bottom lash with a black liner pencil before taking a shadow brush dipped in brown shadow to blur the undereye area. 

Experiment with Color

While black is the dominant color when creating a smokey eye, don’t feel limited to this color alone. Experiment with different colors like deep wine red, dark brown, navy blue, and mesmerizing metallic shades. After applying primer, use a neutral matte powder to apply a base that will help you effortlessly apply and blend your chosen powder.



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