Small Business Tech Trends That Will Mark 2021

Businesses cannot afford to neglect technology; the focus in 2020 was on digital transformation, and it is critical to stay up with the newest technological advances this year. Here are ten ways to help your business keep up with the times and tech trends.

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Businesses may utilize virtual reality and augmented reality to improve customer experience and marketing efforts. Modern companies employ virtual reality and augmented reality in many ways, including:

Vroom, a vehicle dealership, has built a virtual reality showroom where clients can see car models visually on VR headsets. You can hear the engine, take test drives, and access the glove box without ever leaving your couch.

Patrón Spirits created a virtual reality experience in which you fly around the distillery as an insect! Users have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see how tequila is made using GoPros and a drone.


Financial Tech

Financial technology solutions are available to businesses. For instance, POS software for your business allows you to provide quick and straightforward payment options. Customers may pay using a variety of methods from any location. Custom pricing, tokenization, and encryption are all features of the finest POC systems.

There are several ways for businesses to improve payment procedures, ranging from mobile payment alternatives to QR payment codes. Contactless payments grew in popularity at COVID-19, and it appears that this trend will continue.


Distributed Cloud

Everyone is talking about distributed cloud technology this year, and it has the potential to enhance cloud technology as we know it. Distributed Cloud technology, according to ITProPortal, entails the ‘distribution of public cloud resources to multiple geographical areas, with procedures, updates, delivery, and other related operations being handled centrally by the original public cloud provider.’

The technology would no longer provide a centralized solution but would instead meet the demands of individual cloud sites. Businesses would benefit from lower expenses, a lower chance of data loss, and reduced latency.


Onboarding Remotely

Many firms began to adopt remote recruiting and onboarding methods during the epidemic, and by 2021, more workers will be working remotely than ever before. We’re seeing a hybrid work paradigm emerge as people return to the office, combining remote and in-house work. Remote onboarding has a lot of advantages for businesses, and you’ll save time and money, and the onboarding process will be sped up.


Digital Insurance

Insurance is no stranger to digital transformation, and it has been influencing industrial dynamics for years, and it continues to do so. Despite this, there are still many chances to take, rivals to outsmart, and experience-oriented clientele to satisfy.

Now is the moment to take action. Technology has always been vital, but in the wake of the current COVID-19 epidemic, insurance digital transformation trends are more important than ever. Entsia is one of the most well-known businesses in the field of digital insurance, and you should check into it.


Managed IT Services

Companies have a wide range of IT needs, and keeping up with them can be challenging for in-house personnel. Many businesses use managed IT services to receive the IT support they need. An outsourced IT company may provide a wide range of services, from help desk services to data recovery, security, and maintenance. Using a managed IT service can help you improve your organization’s performance and optimize your IT infrastructure.



Technology businesses may employ influencers to enhance brand strength with the aid of social media. Ad-blocking software makes it difficult to get traditional advertisements in front of customers. Influencer marketing may assist you in genuinely promoting your company. Influencer marketing provides several advantages, including:

  • You’ll obtain unique material that appeals to your target audiences.
  • Influencer marketing may help you build trust.
  • This type of marketing has a high return on investment.
  • A lot of people pay attention to suggestions from influencers.


 Improved Cybersecurity

All organizations are concerned about cybersecurity. If you are the victim of a cyber-attack, you will lose data, money, and your reputation. Consider the following methods to assist your company in enhancing its cybersecurity:

  • To verify the identity of your network users, utilize multi-layered authentication.
  • To keep your remote workers safe, utilize mobile device management.
  • It is critical to have anti-virus and anti-malware software installed.


Social Media Advertising

You should also spend on social media advertising in 2021, in addition to influencer marketing.

Small companies continue to find social advertising one of the most cost-effective and successful methods to reach out to their target consumers. But first, figure out which social media sites the majority of your audience uses.

You’ll want to start generating unique and relevant distinguishing content that engages your consumers across these channels after you’ve discovered them.

Consumers will continue to participate in various ways after following a company on social media, according to SproutSocial.


Use Artificial Intelligence

Modern organizations are using AI to simplify their operations this year. Chatbots, for example, utilize AI to react to client questions and improve the sales process. Chatbots may be used to respond to questions on your social media sites and your company’s website. You’ll get better customer service and more leads when you use chatbot technology.

Several organizations are also using AI to enhance their hiring processes. AI technology can help organize applications and narrow down contenders. To filter out inappropriate applications, the technology focuses on keywords and information from the job requirement.

Companies may use technology to be future-proof, save money, and keep up with their rivals. There are many more technological trends for 2021, and staying on top can help you develop your company.



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