Side Hustles: How to Make People Take Your Side Business More Seriously

In the world of business, there are so many ways to take the easy way out. It’s a funny aspect to think about, and even witness, because so many people have these “side hustles” but want to charge people professional prices when they’re not an established legal business. They may very well have exceptional skills and talent or products that legitimately solve everyday issues people face but because you’re not a legitimate (legal) business corporation, people aren’t going to take you seriously, let alone pay you the prices you’re asking for… so what are you to do? You have to take the necessary steps to legally run your business; that’s how people will take your business seriously.

Owning and operating a legal business is where these “hustle-preneurs” get lazy. They’re willing to put in the work to “hustle” but they’re not willing to put in the work required to turn their side hustle into a real profitable business. The sad part about the whole thing is that it’s not even that hard to do. Now, to be fair, it’s not going to be a walk in the park either.

What people fail to realise is that by becoming a legal business, their earning potential will drastically increase because people will be more willing to pay the prices business owners are asking for. Customers will establish a level of trust in your company that they feel good about because they know that they’re paying a legitimate company for quality products or services. In short, customers will feel good about paying for what they’re getting.


First and Foremost

The very first step in making people take your side hustle more seriously is to take it from being a side hustle to a lucrative business. How do you do that? Form an LLC in Ohio. This is the business move that will make people take a second look at what you have to offer. This is what’s intimidating to side hustlers because the process can be tedious and a little discouraging at times.

If you look at some of the world’s most famous and successful CEOs and small business owners, every single one of them would be able to recount a time in their startup where they encountered failure, discouragement, and financial loss… that’s to be expected. But just think, if they were to have just given up at their first failure, they wouldn’t be the success story they are today.

The great news is that if you have no idea on how to start an LLC, there all kinds of resources that will help you along the way. The key to successfully doing this is to keep your cool and don’t rush things. If you follow the step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to finish the entire process and have a legally owned and operated business.


Considerations That Make Your Business More Professional

Professionalism is the key ingredient that will make people take your business more seriously. If you indeed are tired of your side hustle just being your side hustle, consider implementing these investments into your LLC.

Business Cards

One of the first things people ask for is your business card when they’re interested in your services. When people don’t have them, they refer people to the website or social media pages. There’s nothing wrong with that but to give off a professional vibe, you need business cards. According to, business cards not only make your business appear more professional but they also make your business more referable.

People tend to think that because we live in a digital era that business cards are null and void, and that’s not the case at all… business cards are actually beneficial to your business, whether you have an online business or not. Your business card will have all of your contact information like your phone number, email, business address, website, and social media information.

Business Website

A business website is definitely a worthwhile investment in your company. If people want to inquire about your product or services, they can shoot you an email or book your services or buy your product directly from your website. It’s a convenience to potential customers that will make them keep coming back, especially if you have quality products or services.

Social Media Pages

With social media pages, it does more than promote sales and discounts, it’s your way of staying virtually connected with your target audience. You’ll be able to communicate with them and they can connect with you. This will let your audience know that your business is current and relevant. You’ll want to keep the same business name across all social media platforms to not only build your brand up but it will also make it much easier for people to find you.


The Time is Now

You’ve been working your side hustle for a while now and you just can’t seem to get over the plateau and achieve the success you know you’re capable of… you have to invest in your business in ways other than “under-the-table” profits… you have to make your business legit. There are technologies that make your business run smoother as an entrepreneur and good habits to form that will make you more productive… you just have to get out of that side hustle mentality and make that side hustle your lucrative business; the right way.


Much success to you.

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