Quality, Design and the Cruz Sisters – The Latest Collab by GEOX

Myth Restaurant on King was converted into a fashion oasis showcasing the beautiful collaboration between GEOX and sisters Penélope and Mónica Cruz.

The launch and fashion show, hosted by two of The Social’s incomparable hosts Melissa Grelo and Jess Allen was informative, hilarious and beyond stylish!

Each shoe, jacket and bag encapsulated the GEOX mantra to ‘look good, feel good’ while in their garments. The collection featured a variety of nude shades and bold pops of colour like fuschia and coral. Some innovation in the garments include the Diamond Reversible Jacket, made of sustainable materials; the Spherica EC4.1 sneakers, made with sole technology to optimize comfort.

We spoke with Sonya Scodellaro, E-Commerce and Marketing Manager of Geox Canada, about the latest launch and what it was like working with Penélope and Mónica Cruz. As they are long time ambassadors and believers of GEOX, the collaboration came naturally. “Penélope and Mónica were an absolute dream team to work with. They really brought a lot of enthusiasm and  their own ideas to the table. What really drew them to the Geox brand  was of course their own kind of knowledge of the brand. They were certainly fans before of this idea of quality and comfort all hidden within a really stylish shoe or a sneaker. They also resonated with the belief of ‘look good, feel good’. So what you put on your body really sets the stage”.

Sonya shares that GEOX is moving toward sustainability like most brands, and that is evident with their outerwear. “GEOX has really taken a stand on implementing sustainable practices, both within how we run the business, but also flowing down to our product as well. We’re certainly not trying to be everything to everyone. I think we’ve taken really small, strong, sustainable steps, whether it be recycled materials within our jackets or recycled materials within some of our knit footwear. These sustainable practices also even flow down to the boxes that the shoes come in or the bags that we give the customers”.

The mediterranean influence is palpable in the collaboration, speaking to the Spanish roots of Penélope and Mónica Cruz and the Italian lineage of GEOX. Sonya adds that the sisters’ tie to the Italian culture added to the synergy in the collaboration. “ Penélope, of course, has a lot of experience within the Italian film industry. The sisters have really taken that ‘joie de vivre’ that we’ve spoken about where both the subtle textures of the wine are broken about, and that lust for life really infuses that through colour, pattern and really allow you to wear that energy so that can kind of take you throughout the day as well.

Sonya would describe the latest launch as Quality, Technically-Advanced and of course well made Italian Design. All of the Penélope and Mónica Cruz collection are available now across GEOX locations in Canada.

Hillary LeBlanc

Hillary LeBlanc

Hillary is an Acadian-Senegalese queer woman passionate about sharing stories relating to the Black community, fashion, beauty and sustainability.