Photos: K. Flay Live at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto

K. Flay brought the Inside Voices, Outside Voices tour to Toronto at the Phoenix Concert Theatre on June 23. The last time we spoke with K. Flay in June 2021, we discussed the amount of energy and noise in the tracks that made up the Inside Voices EP and what it would be like to experience those tracks in a live setting, “This body of music that I’m putting out and the music I’m working on beyond that is heavy and very energetic,” said K. Flay, “So I’m excited to start getting really creative with the setlist to see how I can reimagine certain songs in the live context. I think there’s a fair amount of latitude there for me, which is very exciting.”

A year later, the excitement and creativity shone through in K. Flay’s set at the Phoenix Concert Theatre.

The show kicked off with a bang with Four Letter Words, a catchy and cathartic track about letting go of pent-up anger and frustrations. A few songs in, an instrumental interlude began to play and K. Flay started telling a story. Throughout the night, K. Flay returned to these interludes to keep the narrative going. What unfolded was the story of K. Flay’s experiences with music and mental health, providing context to some of her tracks and reminding her fans to always be their true selves.

Check out our photos from the show below.

K. Flay Setlist

Four Letter Words
Black Wave
I’m Afraid Of The Internet
Bad Vibes
My Name Isn’t Katherine
Bad Memory
Make Me Fade
The Muck
Maybe There’s A Way
Can’t Sleep
Blood In The Cut
Nothing Can Kill Us
Beef Daddy
The Baby Don’t Cry
High Enough

Cassandra Popescu

Cassandra Popescu

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Cassandra Popescu