Our visit to Dear Saigon in Toronto

My best friend and I headed out for dinner this past week and had fantastic food and truly excellent service, so we wanted to share it with you.

Say hello to Dear Saigon, Toronto’s newest Vietnamese dining destination that pays homage to the beloved city of Saigon. Dear Saigon transports guests on a journey through Vietnam to the vibrant streets of Saigon. From mouth-watering street food to sophisticated dishes that showcase the flavours of Vietnam, the menu reflects the love and passion that the owners have for Saigon and its cuisine. 

Founded by two women who immigrated to Canada with big aspirations ahead of them,  Dear Saigon was born from their dream to recreate the city of Saigon on the palate, allowing guests to transport themselves to Saigon when their lips touch the bowl. On a mission to pay homage to the culture and food of the Saigon region of Vietnam, Dear Saigon has created each dish with a passion for food and love for the city, giving guests the taste of authentic Vietnamese flavours and making every sip and bite feel like a vacation to Vietnam. The first downtown location opened on College Street, in the University of Toronto neighbourhood.

Dear Saigon chefs, carefully hand-pick each ingredient to ensure only the best quality and combination of ingredients are used in every bowl of pho and dish served. The menu features an array of traditional and innovative dishes, including pho, tom yum, satay, pad thai, vermicelli dishes, rice bowls and Vietnamese coffee. Menu items exclusive to the downtown Toronto location include the flavourful Curry Pad Thai and Grilled Pork Tacos.

We personally tried the pho, pork tacos and spring rolls, and it was all finger-lickin’ good!



“The space we’ve created at Dear Saigon has been a labour of love, fuelled by our passion for delicious traditional Vietnamese cuisine and love for our hometown of Saigon. We’re so excited for people to experience it,” says Christine, Executive Chef of Dear Saigon. “No matter the occasion that brings you into our restaurant, you’re going to be served the most authentic flavours, hand-picked from the highest quality ingredients, and feel transported to the winding alleys of Saigon.”

We had a wonderful time, great food, and we enjoyed top-notch service while there and would recommend anyone downtown who wants some excellent Vietnamese to visit the delicious and welcoming Dear Saigon.

For more information and details, visit Dear Saigon.


Dear Saigon provided dinner for this review.


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