Must Pack Items for the Perfect Trip to Europe

Europe is a continent that offers a fantastic array of cultures, scenery and attractions. A visit could fill a  lifetime of memories. However, if you plan to travel to Europe for the first time, it may seem like there is so much to see and do that packing your bags becomes overwhelming. But don’t worry! Here we have created a list of must-pack items for the perfect trip to Europe. Let’s begin!


Suitable Clothing

Clothes suitable for cold nights, comfortable walking shoes, a warm coat or jacket, sunscreen lotion since it is usually sunny during the day, but some parts of Europe can be chilly at night, so you have to pack accordingly. A raincoat if your travel destination is a rainy season that will most likely happen, especially in mountainous regions with many opportunities to hike up hillsides. Depending on your itinerary, don’t forget about flip-flops for beaches! And finally- sunglasses because not only does it protect eyes from harmful UV rays but it looks cool too! These are all must-pack items for the perfect trip to Europe. 


Travel Documentation 

First, make sure to have your European Travel Guide book for your destination. Next, it’s always a good idea to have local currency if you prefer to pay with cash instead of credit cards because some places don’t accept visa/Mastercard! And finally, the most important thing is – your passport and other travel documents before boarding a plane going out of USA borders. It’s safe to take pictures of all these things, too, just in case anything happens. These are all must-pack items for the perfect trip to Europe. 

Tip: Always make sure your passport is up to date before booking any trips.


Your Laptop

Don’t forget to include your laptop because you can save many pictures or documents needed for work/school. You never know when the opportunity might arise, so it’s better to be prepared than to miss it! You should also ensure you have your Mac cleaned when your disk is almost full. Plus, sometimes internet connections in certain countries are unreliable and slow, so if there is an emergency, this will come in very handy. So make sure to bring a laptop along with a durable laptop backpack to keep your computer safe.


Toiletries Bag

It may go without saying, but packing a well-stocked toiletries bag is crucial and here’s the way to do it. Head to dollarama, get an empty mini bottle travel set, fill it with your shampoo, cleanser, moisturizer, and then pack a mini toothpaste, along with a travel toothbrush and a full-sized deodorant and lip balm.

Along the way, if you need more, just fill as required, if needed.


Mobile Phone

If you have a smartphone with a data plan service included, don’t forget to bring it along with your charger since nowadays, most people use their phone as a messaging device (SMS), camera, web surfing device etc. These things make life easier instead of carrying around a bunch of gadgets and gizmos. Also, if you’re planning to use your phone for international calls while abroad, be sure that it has a SIM card slot to use as a “roaming” phone. If your device does not have this option, buy some calling cards from a local store or vending machine.

Also, make sure you have an adaptor for your charger, as not all wall plugs are the same. They are wildly different around the world.


Europe is a beautiful continent full of fantastic opportunities, but it can be challenging to visit multiple locations in one trip. So if you are looking for the perfect travelling destination, then Europe should be on your list!


Photo by Pixabay from Pexels



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