Moving Abroad? Top Things You Don’t Want To Forget To Do

Got your dream job abroad? Ready for a new life? Congratulations, now you need to make sure you’ve got all the personal life admin bits out of the way before you go – the things that are quickly forgotten as there’s so much else to do.


Cancel Memberships

If you have a phone contract, cancel it as soon as you know you’re moving and don’t take an upgrade on your phone if you are eligible. If you are renting where you live, of course, you need to take care of cancelling your lease and find a place for all your stuff, or if you can, it’s best to sell items and make a little cash. Shipping can be expensive, so if you do want to take furniture and more belongings with you, then you need to check the Secureship shipping comparison tool to see what the best option is for you. Cancel your gym membership, your magazine subscriptions, and any other monthly fees you have. Have a look at your past bank statements to see what you are getting charged monthly for. Some you can keep like Netflix; even though you can only use it in the country you’re from, you can get a VPN to make the internet think you are in your home country and they will still work.


Re-route Your Mail

Get your mail re-routed to someone’s house which you know you will stay in touch with like a family member or good friend. You can change your mailing address online to re-route your mail.


Make All Last Minute Health Appointments

Make all of your health appointments for before you leave, especially these five:

Vision. Just get a checkup; Dental. Get x-rays and get one last cleaning from a professional dentist like the dentist at Macleod trail dental or the dentist at Sunshine State Dentistry; Physical. Get a preventative physical to make sure everything is okay; Women’s Care. Girls get your checkup and get birth control for the next year; Dermatology for moles and freckles, to be on the safe side.


Get Travel Insurance

Just make sure you’re covered until you’re settled in your job and you know what company benefits you’re getting.


Buy back-ups of what you need

Your cosmetics, favourite t-shirts and your favourite food you won’t be able to get.


Change Your Car Insurance

Car Insurance will need to change, not be cancelled unless of course, you sell your car. Even if your vehicle is parked in a garage unused, you need to insure it. The garage could catch on fire, or a tree could fall on it. If you know you aren’t coming back, you should sell your car as they only depreciate.


Flying and Moving Pets

If you’ve got pets, then you need to find out about moving them and how you can do it. You will need to find out whether your pet is allowed into the country your moving to. Transferring dogs and cats is acceptable in most countries, however, some countries will have restrictions on which species they allow in.


Other things you should take into consideration include taxes in your new country, customs on shipping your belongings abroad, and voting abroad. Good luck with your big move!


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