Mint Simon Rejects Labels in Celebratory New Video “Some of Everything”

Mint Simon has spent some time on a journey of self-discovery, and now they’re ready to share what they have to say with the world. Caveboy front person, Michelle Bensimon, is stepping outside the confines of labels with their latest release, “Some of Everything,” a pop track that’s been described “as sonically fluid as gender itself.”

“This is a song I wish I had to sing along to when I was younger. I feel like I have tapped into my true self through this song and video, and I cannot imagine feeling happier and proud about something than I do about this. Playing my own love interest was a metaphor in itself, and I feel so excited for the world to see what we created! I got to finally live out my 90s fantasies sonically and visually and I think that’s pretty freakin cool,” says Mint Simon.

We caught up with Mint to talk about the process of starting their solo project, favourite 90’s aesthetics, and the joy found in celebrating themselves.


Your first release as a solo artist, “Used For Love,” was met with support from CBC Music, Exclaim!, The Queer Review, JUNOS, and many more. It’s an awesome, catchy track! How did you decide on that single as your debut?

I really wanted the first single to be the one that I felt was the most pop, the clearest lyrics and something that would really represent who I am out of the gate. It was one of my favourite songs I had written in the last while and so I trusted my gut!

You’ve been a part of many different projects as a collaborator, but haven’t explored your solo journey as an artist publicly until now. What made you decide to embark on a solo project?

Mint Simon is something I’ve wanted to explore for years. I’ve had this idea of making this kind of pop music for a long time, and when the pandemic hit it really gave me some time to pause and work on it – for the first time ever. I think I wrote like, 20 songs in that first lockdown month (March 2020) and when my bandmate, Isabelle, started working on production it felt like the right timing. I also really took some time to discover myself in all the quiet, and it ended up being a discovery I could grow with through this new music and new project. It’s wild how much has happened in the year of me deciding to go for this.

What have you learned about yourself as a musician along the way?

I think most artists deal with imposter syndrome, and I’m definitely no different. For a long time I just didn’t feel good enough to ‘make it’. After lockdown, and through this project, I realized that I don’t want to waste any more time not believing in myself. I’m learning to accept and be confident in the musician I am and trying to push that forward while staying true to myself and what I have to say.

In the video for “Some of Everything,” you play your own love interest in a super glam, 90’s inspired setting. The track is triumphant and celebratory. How are you using this metaphor to tell the story of self-love and self acceptance?

Through all of this self-discovery, I have really honed in on the ideas that labels just don’t really work for me. I wanted to talk about my identity and sexuality in a way that was playful and cheeky, while having a clear message that I think many people can relate to, especially queer folks. I spent so much time in the pain and darkness of it all, I just wanted to create something sonically and visually celebratory, bright and that brought me joy.

You’ve said you got to live out your 90’s fantasies sonically and visually with this video. What are your top 3 favourite 90’s trends?

Boy bands, chokers & middle parts.

What was your favourite behind-the-scenes moment from shooting this video?

I would have to say getting into my ‘Juliet’ girl drag. Something about putting on a garter belt and a wig really added a fun and wacky energy to the room. We also had barely any time left in the day so I just had to bring that drag energy 100%.

There’s a lot going on production-wise in the track, from disco strings, bongos, and saxophone among your captivating vocals. What was it like collaborating with fellow Caveboy band member, Isabelle Banos, on this track as the producer?

I could easily say this is my favourite thing she’s ever done. Her production and experimentation on this was exactly what I was looking for in my music. She brought such a celebratory vibe on the track that made it easy for me to say what I wanted to say. Who doesn’t love a sax solo?? This is the Spice Girls, 90s celebration I have always wanted and getting to make this song with one of my favourite people in the world was really special to me.

What kind of experience are you hoping listeners have with this song?

I hope people can celebrate themselves the way I have learned to celebrate myself this last year. I hope people can throw away the boxes and feel like themselves – whatever that is for them!

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Super excited about a remix of “Some of Everything” by my pal Bright Light Bright Light out July 8 – it’s very Madonna and I’m very excited.


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