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We probably all drew on the walls of our house at some point in our childhood. Did you know that was your inner artist trying to break out? Believe it or not, we all have at least a little artistic creativity inside us, and there is no better way of expressing it than a personalized paint by number canvas.

Why? Painting is not hectic like everyday life. It allows you to clear your mind, calm your thoughts and focus on the task at hand. It just requires some technique that may be a little tricky to master. If you start by learning those tips and tricks, that will give you the perfect foundation not only to enjoy your time doing. You also might end up with something nice.

So what is the best way to paint efficiently in a decent amount of time without learning the techniques? It’s simple, try custom paint by numbers by Personalize Everything.

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How will this sudden magic happen?

No one might previously believe that you can paint a masterpiece without any professional help, not even you. So let’s take a look at hows it’s possible with a personalised paint by number kit. 


You have the layout

The trickiest thing about painting is coming up with what you’re going to paint and then executing it. But, unfortunately, a beginner can’t just do that.

But this issue solves itself out when you are working on a paint by numbers kit. That is because you already have the half-done layout of the picture you want.


You get the colour palette

When I started to learn how to paint, the most tricky thing to understand after drawing sketches was understanding which colour would go where for the picture to look professional.

For example, you wouldn’t even guess that the yellow background needs a hint of dark blue to look more realistic, but that issue is solved with a paint by number kit.

It’s because you get a guide on what colour you should use and how much area; in the end, you are left with a Picasso-level art. 


Increase in confidence

I’ve experienced the increase in confidence myself, and I know you would too when working on a paint by number canvas. When you start to complete the canvas piece by piece, you begin to feel accomplished and good about what you are doing, which positively impacts your result. 

Don’t worry if it doesn’t look that appealing until now; remember to trust the process. 


Apart from the ease, if you want to get involved with paint by number, the most important thing is to buy the canvas from a reputable and renowned place.

In my opinion, Personalize Everything offers the best paint-by-number kits and canvases. Everything is on point and up to the mark, from their canvas quality to their customer support and safe and quick delivery.

If you ask me where you should order from, the answer is simple, Personalize Everything.



Jessica Alexander

Jessica Alexander

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