TESTED: KOA Natural Foods

I’ve always been a snacker. From the time I was a child and even today, I Mark Munroe love to snack. What’s different today is that the snacks haven’t stayed the same.

When I was a kid, my parents only provided healthy snacks. Trail mix, apples, nuts, but as I became older, I would have some candy or chocolate bars masked by a protein bar wrapper, but bad snacking can really catch up with you. So nowadays, I always try and include some healthier choices as I keep myself going from meal to meal.

One day recently, when scrolling through Instagram, I saw some delicious looking snacks, and since it’s a deep love of mine, I just had to learn more about KOA Natual Foods and their A Lil Nutty collection and their Lilo & Co organic snacks.



KOA Naturals are on a mission to create the best tasting snacks without compromising ingredient quality or their values. Koa is where nutritious meets delicious, and not only that, it’s women run and works to use its brand to empower women in the community and around the world, which we love.


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We also love the snacks, namely the A Lil Nutty cashew snacks. Available in Japaleno, Thai, Sea salt & Onion, Cajun, and Curry, these crunchy, perfectly seasoned cashews are downright addictive. Since it’s just cashews and spice, it’s become my healthy go-to snack, but what about a perfect sweet treat? Well, they have you covered there too.

Like chocolate and peanut butter? Well, I do, and I have to admit, I’ve become rather obsessed with the Lilo & Co. Organic Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. Sweet, salty, and formed into the perfect one bite treat, I could honestly eat these every single day and in large quantities.



On top of the products shows here, KOA Natural foods also make clusters, gummies, and so much more. From organic choices to organic vegan, I’m pretty sure no matter your dietary restrictions or challenges, you’ll be able to find the perfect treat from this diverse collection. Even better still, all of KOA Natural’s products don’t have an endless list of ingredients you can’t even pronounce. Instead, the entire line that we tested was high quality, had way fewer ingredients and didn’t have any additives that appear in much of the competition. Most important of all, from their nuts to their treats, everything is absolutely delicious.


Mindfully made Canadian treats made by a women-owned company, it’s easy to see why we’ve not only put our stamp of approval on KOA Natural Foods, we’ve become big fans.





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