Key Aspects Of Choosing An Appropriate Wedding Venue

For some couples anticipating their big day, settling on an appropriate wedding venue can be tricky. While some couples may have found this decision completely effortless, others may find the decision much harder. Church weddings are no longer the first choice for many people, and this fact simply increases the number of options, all while enhancing the confusion. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the most appropriate wedding venue to simplify the decision.


Your Guests

Realistically you will need a venue suitable for the number of guests you will invite. While a country club wedding venue is an excellent solution for small to medium-scale weddings, larger wedding parties may require a much larger venue. You wouldn’t want your guests to feel too cramped or to have to minimize your invite list simply to ensure everyone has a seat. This is why you should consider how many guests you will be inviting before you even start viewing venues. 


Preferred Location

If you are having your ceremony and your reception at two different locations, you should try to ensure that both sites are nearby. Not only does that take some of the stress away from you travelling on the day, but it also means that your guests won’t have to travel too far either. In addition to this, you should carefully consider the location of each wedding venue and ensure that it is both accessible for your guests and that there is accommodation nearby if need be.


Your Budget

It won’t come as a surprise that some venues simply won’t fit into your budget. Rather than feeling disheartened by viewing and considering venues that are out of your price range, you should initially ensure you can afford your candidate choices. With a little creativity, you can turn even the most inexpensive location into a stunning backdrop for your nuptials. 


The Day Of The Wedding

If you have your heart set on a specific date for your ceremony, you should take this into account when choosing the venue as the time of year will potentially affect the weather, which would either make a venue more or less appropriate. If you are flexible with your date, then it may be wise to consider that certain times of the year would be more affordable than others, and there would also be far less competition for the day. What’s more, most wedding venues require you to book well in advance.


Your Theme

The wedding theme you are dreaming of will depend on the venue, which means that you should make use of some visual imagination while viewing sites to ensure your big day will be as perfect as possible. While churches lend themselves to the idea of a formal, traditional wedding, the popularity of hotels, libraries and museums continue to increase. Be creative when deciding on your theme and go from there. 


Effort Required

If you are hoping to manage every aspect of the wedding on your own or with the help of family and friends, more unique locations such as the beachfront or even a barn would be great. However, if you want to focus less on the stresses of catering, lighting, and flower arrangements and more on the celebration of your relationship, then choosing a country club venue with a designated wedding coordinator may be most appropriate to your needs.



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