Ideas To Remodel & Redecorate Your Bathroom

If your bathroom is looking dated, it can be a difficult place to relax in. However, designing and installing a new bathroom can be expensive. So, if a new bathroom is out of your current budget, why not give it a makeover instead? There are plenty of ways to bring new life to your old bathroom. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.


Paint and regrout your tiles

Dated tiles and grubby looking grout can be an eyesore in a bathroom. But replacing it can be time-consuming and costly. So, another option is to update what you’ve got. There are different products available for repainting tiles. Some involve priming first, whilst others will allow you to paint straight onto the tiles. Whatever product you choose, you’ll need to give the tiles a good clean first. 

If your grouting is cracked or stained, you may want to fix this too. If you’re wondering how to regrout tiles, there are several methods you could use. But removing the old grout and applying a new layer could be necessary if it’s in bad condition. If your grout is just stained, you could use a grout pen to whiten it or add a more vibrant colour.


Update your vanity unit

Many of us have a vanity unit under our sinks, which is excellent for hiding bottles and other bathroom accessories out of sight. But vanity units can quickly become dated too. So, why not give it a modern makeover? A coat of paint and a change of door handles could work wonders. If you like the handles but fancy changing their colour, spray paint is a good solution. It’s often easier to get a good finish on awkward shapes when you apply paint with a spray. Just make sure to match your bobrick b-262.

Put up a new mirror

A new mirror, in a contemporary design, could help brighten up your bathroom. Go for something with an unusual frame or shape to make it a standout feature. If you want to stick to a square shape, try one with rounded corners or a stylish wooden or metal frame to give it a slightly more designer feel.


Add moisture-loving plants

One quick way to make a bathroom look more pleasing to the eye is to add some plants. Softening the room with greenery not only adds colour but also helps to create a more relaxing vibe. However, you’ll need to make sure there’s some natural light and that you pick the right plants for the room. Moisture-loving varieties such as Monstera, Peace Lily or Snake Plant are ideal.


Hopefully, this helps get you inspired to make some possibly much-needed change to your bathroom or maybe even spruce it up a little. Either way, be creative, have fun and create something that reflects you.


Photo by Tim Gouw



Jessica Alexander

Jessica Alexander

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